Tower Theater honors veterans with the opening of “Bedford Boys”

In the Tower Theater from Nov. 15 to 23, Liberty’s theater department will perform an original play written by theater arts students. Inspired by true events, “The Bedford Boys” pays homage to veterans from Bedford, Virginia, who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others in World War II. This original historical drama originated in the 2019 Writing Project, and is an academic performance in partnership with the Center for Research and Scholarship. Not only is the message inspirational and honoring, but all veterans, active duty soldiers and retired military members receive a free ticket to any performance. 

The play follows the story of nine brave young men from Bedford County who played an influential role in serving their country. Experienced through the perspective of twin brothers, Roy and Ray Stevens, “The Bedford Boys” explores the hardship, brotherhood and selflessness displayed during World War II. Information about their childhood and lives before the war was gathered from personal letters and historical research, allowing the theater department to create a play that respected the memory of the Bedford soldiers. 

The play follows the journey of young men who began their training with the National Guard in 1938, working to earn money to support their families during the Great Depression. The Stevens brothers in particular had a dream to someday own a farm together, illustrating their close relationship. But circumstances intervened when they were shipped off to battle in Normandy. The two brothers, who were part of the 29th Infantry that stormed France in 1944, were torn from each other in Normandy on June 6. When tragedy struck during the famous landing, it changed the lives of the Stevens forever. 

“The Bedford Boys” presents the true account of the Stevens brothers, capturing the bravery, chivalry and heroism displayed in 1944. Liberty University’s theater department hopes that this original tale honors the story of Roy and Ray Stevens’ lives on and off the battlefield, inspiring Bedford and the entire United States of America. 

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