Liberty alumna and photographer donates time and talents to families who can’t afford professional photography

As Leah Stauffer, the current  assistant director for Game On, was preparing to leave for Spain, she asked herself: “What impact are you leaving to glorify God?” 

Stauffer wasn’t exactly sure how to answer that question for herself. She was not sure what she could do to help people.

Stauffer, a former photographer for the marketing department, began to think about how throughout her photography career people had thanked her for pictures they had received of their children or families. Moms and dads would reach out and say her photos were the only professional pictures that they had. 

“Why not offer photos to families who can get by but cannot necessarily afford professional photos?” Stauffer thought. And the idea for The Christmas Studio was born.

“Making Memories That Outlast the Holiday Season” is the mission of The Christmas Studio, a unique service offered this holiday season by Stauffer. 

“Sometimes we (photographers) can look at pictures from the viewpoint of ‘Everyone has an iPhone and takes lots of pictures,’” Stauffer said. 

But working for newspapers, magazines and more has helped Stauffer realize the importance of capturing memories of people. 

Photo Provided
MEMORIES — Families have three different set options to choose from.

“We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow or the rest of the day … we should live as if it’s the last day we have,” Stauffer said. “You can see joy and expressions and emotions (through photos). It’s cherishing the moments and memories and freezing time so people can look back on them.” 

The most common question Stauffer has been asked is if there is a standard or threshold that a family should meet in order to qualify for the event – the answer is no. Stauffer described the need for photos as different than the need for money or food. 

“If a family feels that they can be served by this, then I want them to come,” she said. The photos that Stauffer will be providing for families are completely free of charge. 

Families who register and attend will get their pictures taken with three different set options and provided hair and makeup as well as food, coffee and even a DJ. Photos will be printed on-site and available in an online gallery. Notable sponsors are White Hart Coffee Roasters, Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts and even Fox News. 

The Christmas Studio will be held Nov. 17 at Tresca on 8th from 3 to 8 p.m. Registration for families and more information can be found at, emailing or calling (434) 515-1315.


  • Praying for you in this ministry God has allowed you to be a part of…..I live here in Lynchburg and have a grandson and two nephews at LU….two are graduating in May….in Cinematic Arts Program….and the other in Engineering Program…..May He continue to bless you Leah…..<3

  • Leah you are one of God’s special Angels! What a beautiful blessing that you have decided to do for those in need! I love family pictures! They capture moments in time!!! God Bless You!

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