‘Day at the Point’ event offered a glimpse in to the lives of Virginians past in downtown Lynchburg

While most students were travelling or visiting family during the weekend of fall break, Point of Honor, a historical house in downtown Lynchburg, entertained guests and offered carriage rides.

For the past 22 years, Point of Honor has hosted an event called “Day at the Point.” The event is free, family-friendly and offers Lynchburg residents and visitors a chance to learn more about the history of the area. 

Emily Kubota is the curator for the house and its museum. She said staff members try to change things up to keep returning guests interested.

“We always try to do something new,” Kubota said. “This year we incorporated carriage rides into the event. We have to keep it pretty exciting for people coming back.” 

This year, the event hosted over 3,000 attendees, vendors and food trucks and included a scavenger hunt, among other family-friendly activities. Free shortened house tours were also given. 

In addition to inviting bands and vendors, staff members prepped the house for the influx of visitors. Preparation for the event began months in advance. In addition to logging of all the items present in the house, workers clean the building and security is spread throughout to ensure visitors do not touch certain items or wander from the tour or allowed areas.  

Educator and Volunteer Coordinator Whitney Roberts explained that the purpose of “Day at the Point” is to thank the Lynchburg community for their support. She was pleased with the days’ events. 

“It was a great day. I am super happy that everything went well,” Roberts said. “The addition of the carriage rides was a fabulous addition.” 

Kubota says she believes there were multiple aspects that made the event such a success.

“It helps that it’s been around for more than 20 years,” Kubota said. “It helps that a lot of people have been before and like coming back. They have good memories of it from before and want to come back.”

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HORSE-DRAWN —Visitors enjoyed carriage rides.

She hopes that the event will prompt more people to return and partake in a full tour. Students can receive a special discount of $4. For all others, admission is $6, and the museum is free. 

On normal days, visitors can take full tours of the house and learn about its former residents, Dr. George Cabell  and his family. 

“It’s an incredible home, a beautiful home,” Roberts said. “Its history is very unique, like Lynchburg. We don’t know a lot about Cabell and their home during the time they lived there, so it’s important to explore and learn as much as we can.”

Roberts said it is a great way for college students to “show off” the area to their parents when they visit from out of town.  Kubota believes Point of Honor provides an opportunity for students to learn more about their area.   

“It’s important no matter where you’re living to know the history of the place you’re living,” Kubota said. “It’s important you have a sense of place. You get connected with the history, the area.”

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