Liberty University invites Senator Ted Cruz and Alyssa Milano to have an open dialogue on gun control

Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser formally invited Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and celebrity activist Alyssa Milano to convocation over Twitter on Wednesday for a civil conversation on gun control.

The invitation came in response to Cruz and Milano’s Twitter conversation on gun policy following the Odessa, Texas shooting Saturday that killed seven people. A shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas earlier this month left 22 dead.

Cruz and Milano engaged in a discussion over Twitter regarding gun policy and the Bible in the wake of the mass shootings in Cruz’s home state.

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TWEET– Senior Vice President of Spiritual Development formally invited the pair over Twitter on Wednesday

The Hill reported that Cruz and Milano plan to personally meet up in Washington soon to discuss gun control next week after Cruz tweeted an invitation.

Nasser asked Cruz and Milano to attend Convocation and said, “we value civil discourse & would like to learn from this dialogue.”

Nasser informed Liberty University students at their Wednesday night Campus Community of his invitation. Dozens of Liberty students tweeted out support for the convocation invite.

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  • Liberty should have asked the over 80,000 online students as well in an email if they agree. I’m sure you would have got a different majority response. You are elevating actress Alyssa Milano to the same stature as an “elected” representative of millions of his Texas state. What about Gabby Giffords instead of Alyssa Milano? Alyssa has no more authority than you or me to speak on the subject, other than she’s famous and hates our President and I’m sure she also hates what Liberty stands for. So why elevate her more? There are other dissenters to our 2nd amendment rights to invite to Liberty that are more appropriate than Alyssa Milano.

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