Falwell family, David Nasser go incognito to serve students in the Rot

Former CIA Chief of Disguise, Jonna Mendez, visited Liberty’s Convocation April 24. Mendez used her skills to disguise Jerry Falwell, Becki Falwell and David Nasser as dining hall workers. They had a mission to serve students in the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall at Sparky’s Cantina, with the goal of remaining unrecognized. No one saw through their disguises. 

Allison Heise | Liberty Champion cia — Jonna Mendez, former CIA chief of disguise, visited Convocation April 24.

Photos Provided 

InCognito— David Nasser, Jerry Falwell and Becki Falwell were disguised as dining hall workers by Jonna Mendez. They served students dinner on the night of April 23. 

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