Student late for class raises umbrella and parts the crowd on the way to DeMoss

The time was 11:58 a.m., and Tom Strickland was only at the top of the steps in the Vines Center. Two minutes to get to DeMoss for his 12:00 p.m. Old Testament Survey class, and thousands of students stood idle in his way.

“As the good student that I am, I waited until the final prayer and dismissal before jumping out of my seat and devising a plan to make it to class,” Strickland said of the incident. “I had two minutes and way too far to go, and of course it was downpouring.”

In typical “Drenchburg” fashion, the heavens had opened up and soaked every student outside the building.

Strickland pushed his way to the exit of the Vines Center, ignoring his RA’s goodbye wish because he was in a serious time crunch. With one step out the door, Strickland knew he would need a miracle to make it to class on time. Remembering his Old Testament class’ discussion of Exodus, he did the only thing that came to mind — he raised his umbrella at the sea of people.

In a moment Strickland said he will never forget, the sea of students parted and Strickland had a clear shot to his classroom in DeMoss. Despite the construction next to the Vines Center, Strickland booked it across the empty path, entered DeMoss and made it to class as the clock struck 12 — a true Cinderella moment.

“The Bible really came alive in that moment,” Strickland said. “I made it to class on time, but I was the only one there beside the professor. Everyone else was still stuck in the mass of people trying to get to DeMoss.”

Old Testament professor Dr. Paul Wingate was really proud of Strickland for taking the previous lectures to heart.

“I always ask my students to review the lectures in their free time so they can better internalize the lessons from the Bible, but Tom really took it to a whole new level,” Wingate said. “I can’t wait to have him back next semester to give the lecture on Exodus.”

Happy April Fools’ Day

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