Rowing team prepares for 2019

 Ryan Krupansky was in his freshman year of high school when he started rowing as a sport. He and a friend joined a local rowing team, and he was immediately hooked. 

Fast forward seven years to his junior year at Liberty, and he is competing as the team captain on the rowing team. 

“This is such a great opportunity not just to get into shape and compete but also to make friends,” Krupansky said. 

One of the biggest advantages to club sports and rowing is that it offers both an opportunity to compete and a way to stay in shape. Coach Debbie Prowse, like Krupanksy, started young as a way to stay in shape. 

“I started in 8th grade and that was the first time that I ever sat on a rowing machine,” Prowse said. “My older brother rowed before me so I decided to join and I loved it.” 

The physical requirements for the sport are intense and the athletes have to be in near perfect shape for the season. 

“Every day is a challenge when rowing and every day you work yourself both physically and mentally,” Prowse said. “If you want to be in the best physical shape of your life then rowing is for you.” 

Not only is rowing a test of strength and fitness, but it is also deeply a team sport. 

Jordan Crossingham | Liberty News Service
PADDLE — The Flames crew team is a part of Liberty’s extensive club sports program.

“What really matters for rowing is not how one rower does, but how they move the boat as a team.,” Prowse said. “Really our standout boat this semester was our ladies novice four boat. They did really well, they learned the technique really quickly, and they seemed to really gel together well.”

Krupansky said that he has never been in better shape than he is now.

“This is just such a great opportunity not just to get into shape and compete but also to make friends,” Krupansky said. “Rowing isn’t only a great way to push yourself. The team dynamic is amazing on our team, we all get along really well.” 

One of the other appeals of rowing is the areas and places that you get to compete at. All of the competition is outdoors and on the water. 

“If you love the outdoors this is a wonderful sport,” Prowse said. “We’ve rowed in all kinds of weather. We’ve rowed when it was sunny, windy, raining, even snow. It’s such a thrill.” 

The rowing team finished their fall season and have been training and keeping in shape for the coming spring season. 

The team is always looking for new students to try out every fall, no experience is necessary which can make the sport more attractive for students who have never attempted to experiment with the sport. 

“When kids come out to tryout they think it looks easy, it’s just a repetitive motion, but it’s not,” Prowse said. “It is so difficult to get everyone set up and balanced and in sync.” 

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