Nursing Simulation Center is now accredited

Liberty University’s School of Nursing is improving its programs and growing avenues for student success. 

In July 2018, its 14,000 square foot simulation center was accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. 

According to the Liberty News Service, the stimulation center had to meet the SSH’s core standards for accreditation, which are established by the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning. The accreditation will be valid for five years.

The stimulation center allows nursing students to participate in bi-weekly stimulations, which prepare students for their clinicals, according to the School of Nursing’s website.

“It’s the simulation center that really bridges the book knowledge to bedside wisdom and allows for patient safety through deliberate practice of skills in a safe environment prior to the students going into the hospital,” Associate Professor and Executive Director of Clinical Affairs Kathryn Miller said. 

The ability to practice in a setting that mirrors real life provides students the opportunity to be fully prepared for the healthcare field upon graduation. 

The School of Nursing is also equipped with iDouble robots. These robots allow nurse practitioner students to provide patient assessment and care delivery from a distance.  

“(iDouble robots are used for) telehealth competencies for nurse practitioners, because we know that often times, rural and underserved clients can’t access medical centers or other health care,” Sharon Kopis, professor and School of Nursing chair of doctoral studies, said. 

The robots allow health care providers to help those in need quickly and efficiently provide aid to areas that may not have been able to receive help previously.  

“Or also maybe a nurse practitioner in a rural area needs to consult with someone, such as a cardiologist or other provider, they can provide specialty to her patients or his patients,” Kopis said. “(The robot) provides that link without anyone traveling. The robots can actually be driven by anyone, anywhere in the world.” 

There are also many events coming up in the School of Nursing, including open houses during homecoming weekend and Nurse Appreciation Day at the football game, Oct. 19-20.

“Part of our goal in the School of Nursing is to continue to connect with not just our students, but also our alumni, as well as our professional colleagues,” School of Nursing Dean Shanna Akers said. “A large portion of the nurses here in this region are alumni of Liberty University. This creates a great opportunity to reach out and connect back with former students and see where they’re going and how God has blessed their paths.”  

The simulation center allows nursing students to practice their skills. (Photo by Jessie Rogers)

This event will provide an opportunity to show gratitude to nurses, as well as reconnect with those in the nursing field that have graduated. 

The upcoming open houses provide potential students and families the opportunity to get an inside look at the School of Nursing and experience the facilities. 

“They will be invited into our space to be able to see the quality of accommodations, to understand the value of having an accredited simulation center and that we’re not just observation, we’re hands on in practice,” Miller said. “Visitors will see the equipment and the tools that they will be utilizing, as well as the interaction of their faculty in each area.” 

These open houses will take place Nov. 9, 2018, from 3-6 p.m., Feb. 22, 2019, from 2-4 p.m. and April 5, 2019, from 2-4 p.m. Those interested can register for an open house on the School of Nursing’s website. 

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