Lynchburg’s new coffee shop features warm atmosphere and cold brew

Over the past few years, Lynchburg has experienced a boom in new businesses. From eateries, to clothing boutiques, this town has welcomed a plethora of locally-owned shops.

Recently joining the new wave of local businesses is Golf Park Coffee Co., a coffee shop with a comforting atmosphere and refreshing cold brew. 

One of the most popular drinks at Golf Park is cold brew. (Photo by Allison Heise)

Golf Park Coffee Co., located on Bedford Ave., serves teas, espressos, iced beverages and other specialty drinks. Their signature beverage is the cold brew, which co-owner Ben Young said sparked the idea for the company. While cold brew is the shining star, they are also welcoming new kid on the block and a customer favorite, the matcha latte. 

This specialty coffee company has an interesting upbringing that adds to the unique flare of Golf Park. Young and fellow owner, Adam Shurr, were inspired by the different coffees they enjoyed while traveling
for their work. 

“We developed a love for coffee through experiences traveling around the country and trying different coffee shops,” Young said.

As they traveled and began to sample new coffee, they were exposed to many Lynchburg did not have. One of the most popular beverages in other areas during their travels was cold brew coffee, coffee brewed with room temperature or cold water. 

Inspired by their travels, Young says they began running a coffee business from inside their home, located on the street Golf Park Drive, the namesake of their business. After being cleared through the city to run their business and after passing health code inspections, they were ready for business.

Golf Park started as a company where customers would order 64 ounces of cold brew coffee for the week in glass growlers. 

Owners are committed to being approachable to customers and providing quality products. (Photo by Allison Heise)

“You would order online, and people would come to our house Saturday mornings to pick up their growlers,” Young said. 

He also said that these Saturday mornings were how they began to grow closer to their customers and develop relationships.

Golf Park continues to stay strong on their values as a company. Young mentions that a part of their business values is comradery with their employees. A lot of time and effort is put into choosing the right people to represent the Golf Park Co. team. It is not just a work environment full of managers and baristas. It is a family. 

Young also said that Golf Park values their customers and strives to be customer driven. 

“While specialty coffee can sometimes feel unapproachable,” Young said. “We want to always be approachable to our customers.” 

Young wants to provide people with an excellent atmosphere and provide consumers with the best possible product through Golf Park. Young focuses on good employee relations and exceptional customer care.

They also invest in equipment and product that will produce high-quality coffee. Young believes that if you

have the best setup, you will create the best product.

 “There are a lot of really good coffee shops in Lynchburg,” Young said. “And we are really happy to be one of the handful of shops changing the coffee culture in Lynchburg.”

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