It will BeSweet

Although Eliete Glaze and Denise Moitinho both grew up in Brazil, they never crossed paths until they both moved to Lynchburg, Virginia to be a part of Liberty University. Neither of them had plans to start a dessert business, but a passion for Brazilian cuisine and a drive to empower others led to the creation of BeSweet

BeSweet Desserts hand-makes and sells the traditional Brazilian truffle, Brigadeiro, bringing a unique flavor to vendors in Lynchburg. 

“I think I can speak for Eliete as well when I say that it is a great joy to share with our customers a sweet piece of our childhood in the form of a delicious Brazilian Brigadeiro chocolate truffle,”
Moitinho said. 

More than just sharing their culture with Lynchburg, Glaze and Moitinho agreed that BeSweet Desserts allows them to share their faith as well. They have the opportunity to show kindness and love to customers and other vendors. On some occasions, they have been able to invite people to church and pray for them.

“One of the reasons why Denise and I work so well together is because we have one common goal: to glorify God in what we are doing,” Glaze said. 

Moitinho and Glaze have been friends for over six years and were brought together by Liberty University. Moitinho first began taking online classes to pursue a graduate degree but ended up moving to Lynchburg in order to teach in the School of Behavioral Sciences while still a student. Glaze pursued a degree in church ministry and graduated in 1992. 

“During the course of my training at Liberty, I became interested in the idea of empowering and mentoring people,” Moitinho said. “In my partnership with Eliete, we strive to empower and encourage
each other.” 

Eliete Glaze and Denise Moitinho bring their love of Brazilian truffles to Lynchburg venders through their small business. (photo by Dillion Brown)

Each member of the partnership plays a unique role: Glaze comes up with new and enticing Brigadeiro recipes, while Moitinho focuses on managing the business end. As Moitinho grew a passion for empowering others while at Liberty, Glaze said her degree taught her a strong work ethic, assuring her that she could face the challenges of being a small business owner. “(I thought), ‘If I can graduate college, I can do this, too,’” Glaze said. 

For these business owners, faith and enterprise go hand in hand. Moitinho explained that most businesses focus on the product, process, and people involved, but BeSweet adds a fourth ‘p’: prayer.

“If Eliete and I want BeSweet to be more than a source of income, but a way to add value to our community and empower others, then we must believe that prayer will take us there,” Moitinho said. 

From becoming a vendor at the Lynchburg Community Market to catering weddings and events, Glaze and Moitinho accredit their successes to God.

“Since we have begun our business, we have seen the Lord opening new doors for us,” Glaze said. 

Although a dessert partnership was not always the plan for Glaze and Moitinho, they agree that it is a perfect opportunity to enrich the community while sharing their faith. In this unique way, Moitinho said that she and Eliete strive to be Champions
for Christ.

“Whether I am running a classroom filled with students or a small chocolate-truffle business, my main goal needs to be to make Christ known and glorified,” Moitinho said.

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