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One thing college students often have in common is stress. A culmination of deadlines, debt and important life decisions make the college years a stressful period of life.  

On top of assignments, exams and internships, an important practice for college students to develop is to learn how to properly deal with stress.

Liberty University’s Health and Wellness Center, makes it a priority to come alongside students as the struggle with school and stress. To help students combat college stress, the Health and Wellness Center hosted a “De-Stress Table,” in Montview Student Union Monday, Oct. 1. 

Dozens of Liberty students signed a banner labeled, “I De-Stress by … ,” with an activity they participate in to relieve stress. According to the banner, Liberty students relieve stress through activities such as running, watching Netflix, eating chocolate and shopping. Others play piano, pray, listen to music or go to the gym. 

Assistant Director of the Student Health and Wellness Center Bethany Williams, shared insight into how students can handle the stresses of college life. 

“College is a very unique time in life,” Williams said. “It is important to balance academics with social activities to help with stress.”

Some practical tips Williams shared for students are to take deep breaths, not tackle too much at once and to have proper priorities

Williams recommends students dealing with stress find something they enjoy outside of school and participate in that activity each week. 

“Find an avenue or an outlet to relieve stress,” Williams said.

Williams also emphasized the Health and Wellness Center’s partnership with Student Counseling Services. 

Stress relief initiatives like the “De-Stress Day” are important for college students because stress will continue into adult life. It is important to find ways to cope and deal with stress now, rather
than later. 

The Student Health Center created flyers to provide students with stress-relief suggestions from Every Day Health. These tips included: “get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, try not to overload yourself and breathe.” 

Student Health Center Volunteer and Liberty student, Adele Frederick, said the table is a helpful tool for students to understand the importance of not being stressed.

“Not being stressed is really important to succeed,” Frederick said.

Stress is not the only issue troubling college students. According to the Student Health and Wellness Center’s website, depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States for people between 15 and 45 years old.

October is Depression Awareness month, so it is important for students to become informed on the realities of depression and mental health. The Student Health and Wellness Center is using social media to raise awareness for Depression Awareness month. They intend to break the stigma for depression and mental health.

Liberty provides a plethora of resources for students dealing with stress, anxiety and depression to ensure that all students have the assets to reach their full potential. Knowing how to properly deal with stress helps students cope with life’s demands and make the most of their college years. 

Students can begin their journey towards a more stress-free adult life through the “Adulting 101” Workshop Tuesday, Oct. 16, co-hosted by the Health and Wellness Center and Student Counseling Services. 

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