Lady Flames hockey team takes two-game series

In the 11thminute of the 3rdperiod, Rachel Gibson scored the fourth goal for the Liberty Flames Women’s Hockey team, and that brought a 4-1 victory against the Washington Pride.

The Flames played with high energy all 60 minutes of the game, on guard with their defense, only allowing one goal from Pride to get by.  After the first goal was scored at 6:53 in the 1st period by Ally Morris, this sent the team into overdrive.  They had started a game that was not going to end unless they were the winner, and it was evident in their swift movements and excessive talking back and forth amongst the teammates.

At the end of the 1stperiod, the score was 2-0 with the Flames taking 13 shots and the Pride taking 7.  The Lady Flames were showing just how much their practice has been paying off.  Head Coach Chris Lowes said that they have been preparing for this in practice since their last game.

Freshman forward Grace Machholz skidded to a stop (Photo by Ryan Klinker)

In the 2ndperiod, the enthusiasm continued with Alex Simbert shooting a goal with the assist of Aly Morris with six minutes and five seconds reminding in the second period.  They ended the 2ndperiod off just as strong as they started, and the score was 3-0 with the Flames taking 16 shots and the Pride taking 7 shots.  That brings a total of 24-14 shots for a two-period total.

The Washington Pride scored their first goal in the 3rd period with 15:13 remaining on the clock.  The score now being 3-1, the Lady Flames tried to bring back that fire that they had in the first two periods.  That brings them to their fourth goal at 11:32 in the 3rdperiod.  Throughout the rest of the game the Lady Flames did not give up, and they won the game 4-1 with a final shot total being 40 for the Flames and 27 for the Pride.

The Liberty Flames Women’s Hockey team will be played the Washington Pride again on Sunday, September 9 and defeated them with a score of 5-3. The Lady Flames will be back in the Lahaye Ice Center Saturday, September 22 when they face of against the Carolina Eagles.

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