Field hockey star ready to build off stellar Sophomore season

Junior Allison Schaefer came out of the gates strong this season, being nominated for Big East defensive player of the week after totaling 15 saves and having a save percentage of .750 against James Madison University and Duke University.

“It was really cool to be nominated and picked for that,” Schaefer said. “But it is still only the beginning of the season and we still have a lot of games left up until November. The goal is to continue working hard and get better every single week.”. 

Schaefer grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has been playing field hockey since seventh grade. She played multiple sports including soccer, basketball and lacrosse. However, field hockey sparked her interest
the most.

“It’s just so much fun,” Shaefer said. “Every team that I’ve been a part of has just been one big family. The game is so fast and it’s always changing, so there’s always new things to learn, and I love learning.” 

In regards to a major and future career, Schaefer remains unsure.

“I am an exercise science major, but I have no idea what I want to do yet,” Schaefer said. “I did some practicum hours at some different places, and I have to do an internship this summer for my degree. I’m hoping to do that with the strength and conditioning coach (for) the college program, so I’m not exactly sure what I want to do yet.” 

As a player Schaefer sets the bar high with her goals, but most importantly she wants to be the best teammate she can be.

“I would like to be a Big East champion,” Shaefer said. “I think that’s the same for all of my team, especially the past two years, because we’ve gone to the championship and been runner up both times. I believe that’s the end goal. I’d also like to be All-American, but I think the most important thing is just to be the best teammate I can be. Our theme this year is roots, and one of our roots is selfless, which means putting the team before yourself. I think ultimately that’s what I want to do best is put others before me.” 

Schaefer believes the team has a great foundation, both on and off the field. 

“One of things we strive for is to be relentless at all times, along with outworking, attacking every day,” Shaefer said. “We just want to come out every day better than the day before, to work our hardest and give 100 percent of what we have.” 

“I can’t wait to play UConn (University of Connecticut),” Schaefer said. “We have played them the past two years in the Big East Championship, so coming out to play them, it’s a lot of fun and everyone gets really excited about it. We also started playing seven of eight ACC teams, and that’s always really great competition, it’s always a fast game, and it’s always a lot of fun for me, and the whole team.” 

Last season, Schaefer became Liberty’s career saves leader. However, she was not aware of when it happened.

“Honestly, I didn’t know it happened until after the fact,” Shaefer said. “I don’t really track my stats that much, just because I’m more focused on the game and serving my teammates. I think it’s cool to know those things, and it’s exciting, but that’s not my primary focus.” 

Despite her career already being immensely successful, Schaefer still feels there’s aspects of her game she can improve on. 

“I think something that’s very hard for every goal keeper is bouncing back when you get scored on,” Shaefer said. “I think it’s something every goal keeper from beginning to upwards of the pros including lacrosse and soccer, it’s really hard to bounce back after a goal. I think every goal keeper works to be able to say okay, just move on to the next play, and still maintain the same level of performance.”

Schafer fell in love with Liberty University very quickly, and it felt like home from the start. 

“I think the biggest thing is, it felt like home,” Shaefer said. “The people here are so nice. Everyone is so friendly, and you can tell everyone really wants the best for you. They want to help you succeed in any way that you can, especially my coaching staff, all of the academic professors that we have, and the strength and conditioning staff. Everybody is  working hard so that you’re able to be successful. They all really care about me, and it definitely feels like home.”

Goals – Schaefer has the most career saves. (Photo by Kevin Manguiob)

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