A Thank You From The Senior Class of 2018

Four years ago, we stepped onto this campus as freshmen. A campus where there was only one Commons dorm, there were no science or music halls and the only food options were the Food Court at Reber Thomas, Docs Diner and the Tilley Student Center.

Since then, we have seen the school grow and change in incredible ways. Over the past four years, we have reaped the benefits of new opportunities that were brought about as the result of years of planning. New science labs, music practice rooms and television studios have helped increase the opportunities that we have here at Liberty.

Over the last four years, we have grown as individuals pursuing our dreams, and we have seen the campus grow and transform alongside us. Every new opportunity, every new facility has helped to better equip us for the professional world.

So much has changed over the last four years, both on campus and in our personal lives. As we approach graduation, it is important to take a moment to remember all of the people who helped us get to this point and thank them.

To the Liberty administration that is constantly reinvesting back into the students and this campus, thank you for giving us the resources we need to receive a world-class education. As frustrated as we might get with the constant construction and cranes all over campus, the facilities that have been built as a result were well worth the growing pains.

To the professors at Liberty, thank you for pushing us to explore our dreams and to realize our potential. While we may have grumbled about the difficulty of your tests and projects, we have come out of your classes stronger and better equipped to take on the challenges that face us after graduation.

Many of the professors here are more than just educators, they have become mentors who we can go to with the challenges and problems that we face outside of the classroom. From dealing with relationships to applying for jobs, thank you to all of the professors who helped teach us how to navigate adulthood and the professional world.

Behind the scenes of our education are the family members and friends who helped to support us throughout our college journey. They were the ones we called when we were stressed about course work and just trying to survive another sleep-deprived week. Thank you for the care packages that you sent us and for being our prayer team as we navigated finals.

Then, there are the classmates and friends that we have spent the past four years with. We have struggled through group projects together and had group study sessions in the library. Together, we pushed and supported one another to do our best in classes and to succeed. As graduation approaches, don’t forget to be thankful for all of the classmates who have helped shape who you are.

Graduation also means the parting ways of friend groups. What makes Liberty so amazing is that it brings together students from all over the world for four years to learn from one another until they graduate and return home. But graduation doesn’t need to be the end of those friendships. Moving forward, we will need to be more intentional in finding ways to stay in touch with the friends we have made here. As graduation approaches, make sure that your friends know just how much they are appreciated and how much they have impacted your time at Liberty.

The time has come for us to enter the professional world and be champions for Christ. It is because of the experiences that we have had at Liberty over the past four years that we are equipped for success. As we move forward to take on new challenges, don’t forget the time, lessons learned and experiences that we have had at Liberty. Don’t forget to say, “Thank you.”


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