Liberty introduces New FastPass Program to ease Convocation lines

Liberty University is implementing a FastPass system similar to the one used at Walt Disney World for students wanting to skip the long lines outside of the Vines Center before Convocation.  

With a Convocation FastPass, students can go straight to getting their bags checked at security and receive a thorough pat down before checking in with their resident assistants.  

Senior Vice President of Spiritual Development David Nasser is hoping the FastPass will give students a more positive experience with Convocation lines and address their complaints. 

“Liberty is basically the Disney World of Christian higher education, so it made sense to start giving students FastPasses for those long lines,” Nasser said. “What says, ‘Training Champions for Christ,’ more than giving our students the ultimate theme park experience?” 

Students interested in getting a Convocation FastPass, which is valid for one week per pass, can fill out a form on the LU Stages website. According to Nasser, students who carry concealed weapons will be given priority in getting a FastPass. 

Many Liberty students are excited about the new FastPass system, as recent changes in security have forced students to wait in lines outside the Vines Center that stretch out to the Residential Commons and DeMoss Hall. 

 “I’ve got a 9:20 class at Green Hall that lets out at 10:10, and I literally always show up late to Convo now,” freshman Rebecca Stone said. “I’m really looking forward to getting a FastPass and not missing the worship, which is my favorite part.” 

However, not all students are optimistic. Jackson Smith, who is a third-year graduate student and an RA on the Residential Commons, thinks that while the FastPass system is an interesting idea, executing it will be difficult. 

“Every student’s going to apply for this FastPass thing,” Smith said. “How are they going to determine who gets a FastPass? They can’t just give it to everyone.” 

 In related news, Nasser said the university is considering having Sparky walk around Vines Center before Convocation to entertain students standing in line and be available for photo ops.  

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