Freedom Tower to be Renamed Nick Foles Tower

Liberty University’s Freedom Tower will be renamed as the Nick Foles Tower and will house the Department of Sports Management, Liberty President Jerry Falwell announced April 1. 

“I am excited to announce that we have found a way to honor one of the greatest athletes with a connection to our school, Super Bowl-winning quarterback Nick Foles,” Falwell said.  

Lynchburg, Virginia’s newest and highest landmark, the Freedom Tower, officially opened in January 2018, and was originally meant to house the School of Divinity. Talks to change the Tower to the Nick Foles Tower began after the decision to light the tower green following the Philadelphia Eagles’ 41-33 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots Feb. 4. 

“The green suited the Tower and campus so well, and as it’s one of the Eagles’ team colors and our mascot Sparky is an eagle, we thought there was no better way to celebrate the accomplishments of one champion for Christ,” Falwell said.  “By seeing the tower’s green beacon from miles away, people can see the impact our students have on the world.” 

Foles, a current Liberty University Online graduate student and aspiring youth pastor, spoke at a special ceremony on Sunday, April 1, to announce the new makeover for the Tower. 

“The fact that Liberty noticed me amongst its thousands of online students and chose to give me this honor is truly amazing,” Foles said. “I’m so thankful that Liberty decided to recognize me not only as a champion for Christ, but also as one of the people at the forefront of their efforts to become the sports mecca of evangelical Christianity.” 

While the name change to the Nick Foles Tower is effective immediately, the staff of the School of Divinity will be allowed to stay in the tower until Fall 2018, when the building will officially transition to housing the Department of Sports Management. 


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