Campus Calvinists more confident in their election after finding love at Rot speed dating event

Senior biblical studies major Jedidiah Stevens and junior Christian counseling major Esther Williams recently learned that they share more than just a love for hymns, and organic coffee.  

“It was love at first exegesis of Romans nine,” Stevens proudly proclaimed.  

The Calvinist couple met at a speed dating event hosted by the Food Court at Reber Thomas on Valentine’s Day. The couple feels that their encounter was predetermined, considering they were both on edge about attending the Feb.14 speed dating event, and they ended up meeting on their first of many speed dates.   

“I have to admit, I was reluctant about going speed dating because I thought, ‘Will I be flirting with a man whom God has prepared for another woman?’” Williams said.  

Stevens shared the same feelings of hesitation prior to the event. 

“At first, I had no plans of attending speed dating, but the Holy Spirit convicted me, and I realized that I would probably walk away from speed dating discouraged, which would ultimately lead me to repentance, so I went.”  

The couple acknowledged that they had frequently seen each other prior to speed dating, as they both attend Sovereign Grace Church, but they had never spoken to one another until speed dating. 

“I knew I had seen Jedidiah around before, but what really caught my eye was the tulips that he had brought with him. The second I saw them I thought to myself, ‘This is a man who knows the Ten Commandments.’” Williams said. 

The couple explained that after their one-minute date, they felt like they had known each other forever. 

“Once we sat down, I asked her who her favorite theologian was. When she confidently exclaimed ‘Jean Calvin,’ I knew she was special. We later realized that we shared a favorite chapter from the Bible –Romans 9. We immediately pulled out our Bibles, which ironically were both ESV’s, and we began to break down that beautiful chapter,” Stevens said.  

The two Calvinists are still going strong since their original date and recently celebrated their one month anniversary by starting a study of John Piper’s book “John Calvin and his Passion for the Majesty of God.”  

“Jedidiah is so special. He reminds me that I am a wretched sinner, and apart from God, I have no good in me. Sometimes we even finish each other’s s—,” Williams said. 

“Soteriology doctrinal statements” Stevens said, finishing Williams’ sentence.    

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