Natalie Hahn Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In contemporary culture, it seems as if controversy has become a competitive sport.  A recent article published by the Liberty Champion reveals nothing different, although it does present a balanced representation of both opinions.  In this article, Vice President Mark Hine speaks out against the Student Government Association’s proposals to allow off-campus alcohol consumption for those of legal age, the use of tobacco products, and a loosening of the foul language restrictions.  Indeed, there are valid arguments to be made for both viewpoints; however, I personally appreciate Mr. Hine’s remarks as he acknowledges the slippery slope of pushing permissible boundaries.

This amendment is not a matter of whether or not students hold the same convictions on the mentioned issues.  Rather, the revision of policy reflects the greater purpose and mission of Liberty University as a whole.  As individuals with the freedom of expression, students’ and faculty’s personal preferences are not restricted from differing with the university’s stated standards.

If Liberty is to continue training champions for Christ, it will require the promotion of critical thinking in the formation of opinions.  This allows space for differing viewpoints as students grow in wisdom and maturity.  Yet despite disagreement, we must not ignore God’s call to submit to the governing authorities.  Accountability is beneficial; compromise is deadly.


Natalie Hahn

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