Elisa Palumbo Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor of LU Champion,

As a current senior at Liberty I appreciated the February 20th section titled: “Senior Year Survival Guide.”  I felt compelled to respond by encouraging my fellow seniors to look forward to graduation (and whatever may follow) with excitement, not dread.  In the culture’s eyes, on May 19th, we will graduate into adulthood.  Yet as graduation fast approaches we hate to admit our fear of the real world.  We all feel pressured to have a solid post-graduation plan as family and friends pummel us with the question of “What’s next?” But the thought struck me: isn’t that what we always wanted?  As kids, many of us dreamed of finally growing up and becoming adults.  That future is now.

I resonated most with the section of alumni testimonials because it reassured me that not having an answer to “What’s next?” is okay.  It made me feel less alone in my transition from undergrad to adult life.  Hearing how others made it out of post-graduation ambiguity gives me hope for my unclear future.  They painted an honest and challenge-filled picture of life after college and I value the realistic idea of what’s to come.  I found alumnus Schauble’s advice most relatable as he said, “Do not be afraid to have time off.  You have the rest of your life to work.”  His words lessened my anxiety in regards to the job search and helped me understand that the world won’t end if I don’t land the perfect job post-graduation.

Being the youngest of five, I watched all of my siblings graduate college and dive headfirst into the unknown.  Seeing each one not only survive, but more so thrive, in the post-college world has shown me that no matter what challenges I may face, I will make it.

I wanted to encourage all 2018 graduates to finish the year well in order to receive our diplomas with pride.  The way I see it, we’ve grown up and that is worth celebrating.


Elisa Palumbo

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