Locker Room Talk Looks to Make Recruiting Honest and Easy

Locker Room Talk is a company that helps with the recruiting process for high school students. According to its website, it is “a platform that aims to keep the college recruiting process honest and easy.”

Liberty men’s tennis player Max Borcuti began an internship with them early in January and said he has already learned so much and feels he will greatly benefit from the internship.

“I get to work with a great number of different interns,” Borcuti said. “I mean there’s students that go to Harvard and Yale and Quinnipiac and a bunch of different schools, so it’s a great environment, you know, making a lot of connections, and I think that’s one of the biggest benefits for me.”

Locker Room Talk was started by CEO Keirsten Sires in a college entrepreneurship class during her senior year at Skidmore College. She said they decided to make it a reality after graduation.

“Locker Room Talk differs from other companies in a couple different ways,” Sires said. “First and foremost, our mission is to keep the recruiting process honest and easy. We have a database of thousands of coach ratings, coach interviews and firsthand information from college student-athletes. We pride ourselves on being able to educate high school student-athletes, families, coaches, athletic directors etc. on the truths behind the recruiting process, as well as college athletics.”

“Basically, it’s a platform that tries to make the recruiting process as honest and easy as possible for student athletes,” Borcuti said.

Sires also highlighted the importance of having the audience hear firsthand accounts of people who have gone through the recruiting process before.

“My personal experience being recruited wasn’t like the absolute best, and honestly through that experience I wanted to be able to do something that could help that cause,” Borcuti said.

Borcuti said he hopes that through this company he can help prevent that from happening to other recruits. He said that he is glad that he is fortunate enough to go to such a great school, but that others are not so lucky.

“There’s a lot of rules and there’s a lot of hidden things that not everybody knows about recruiting. It’s not as simple as most people think,” Borcuti said.

Locker Room Talk also helps high schoolers in other ways. Sires said they provide “seminars and workshops to educate on the recruiting process and how to tackle it (we go to high schools, gyms and training facilities across the country).”

“Locker Room Talk will basically offer different kinds of seminars to high schools, athletic directors and parents to basically guide their kids to know what they’re looking for in a coach,” Borcuti said.

Sires said one way that they promote their name is by using social media. They provide “awesome” content on their blog and social media. This is a way that they are able to really reach high schoolers as well as potential interns.

“I was reached out to on LinkedIn and it drew to my attention that it was something I was really interested in,” Borcuti said.

Borcuti said that he does not know exactly what he wants to do, though he said he wants to work with something dealing with sports. He said that this internship really opened his eyes to knowing what he wants to pursue. Working with sports in particular has really helped him realize this as well.

“Right now I’m pursuing a sports management degree, and I think that this internship with Locker Room Talk is definitely a stepping stone for my career,” Borcuti said. “I definitely want to be in sports in the future, whether it be through blogging websites or anything like that.”

Borcuti said that while he has not been there too long, he has already learned a lot of valuable things, even learning how to make a sales pitch his first week on the job. He also spoke highly of the communication aspect of working for Locker Room Talk.

“I think the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from this so far is the communication that goes into a successful internship,” Borcuti said. “I think communication is something that is very, very important.”

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