Lady Flames soccer looks forward to next season

  • Lady Flames soccer loses to the Longwood Lancers in the Big South semi-final, but they look forward to next season.
  • The team grew both on and off the field, and gathered to hold hands and pray after games regardless of the outcome.

As the final horn sounded, the Lady Flames soccer team walked off the field disappointed in its 2-0 loss to the Longwood Lancers in the Big South semi-final.

“It was definitely an up and down hill type of season,” junior Devon Jones said. “We had really good games, and games I wish I could never see again.”

“We’ve got the pieces of the puzzle,” redshirt freshman Kayleigh Kardos said. “We just have to put them together. All of us know what we need to do, it’s just a matter of taking it to the next level.”

The Lady Flames entered the 2017 season with their third head coach in as many years, finishing the season 10-7-3.

The Lady Flames finished the regular season, winning seven out of their last nine games before losing to Longwood in the Big South semifinals.

“I think that we can definitely learn from this season,” Jones said. “It was kind of a season of growth, coming in with a new coach and everything. We had the same team as last year but different dynamics.”

Jones was second in points and in goals scored for the Lady Flames, concluding the season with nine and three respectfully.

“Having the success that I’ve had has really boosted my confidence,” Jones said. “I’m looking forward to next year though, I think that it’s going to be very good.”

Jones will be one of the senior leaders for the Lady Flames following the departure of standout senior Isabella Habuda.

The Lady Flames 2017 season was hampered by numerous injuries and setbacks, but they did not allow these distractions to deter them from playing their best.

“As a team we overcame a lot of adversity,” Kardos said. “Being able to see (what) great girls they are on and off the field, for me it was just so encouraging. A breath of fresh air. And I’m just looking forward to be able to contribute more next season.”

Kardos was one of many key contributors on the Lady Flames, despite not having played the prior season due to injury.

“For me it was a big waiting period last year,” Kardos said. “It really motivated me to not take any part of the game for granted.”

Not taking any part of the game for granted is something that the Lady Flames do well. Even though finishing the season with a 10-7-3 record may not reflect that claim, the Lady Flames have found the perfect priority balance.

“I think we learned a lot this year,” Lady Flames junior Lauren Weygandt said. “Personally, I thought that it was a good year because we all grew stronger in Christ and in trusting each other.”

The Lady Flames share a close bond that is evident after games, as they hold hands and pray, regardless of the game’s outcome.

“I love every single girl on this team,” Weygandt said. “I would die for every single girl on this team.”

Weygandt is one of many on the team who struggled through injury. But she said her resilience and dependency on the Lord has made her come back stronger.

“I came in as a freshman and got a lot of playing time and I kind of got entitled to it,” Weygandt said. “Ever since I became injured the Lord showed me a lot about why I play soccer. I don’t know what I would do in college without having the soccer team. I always feel like if I need something I can call up someone.”



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