John Wesley Reid lectured College Republicans at Liberty University about faith and politics

  • The Conservative journalist maintains a blog about faith, politics and popular culture and once worked as a national recruiter at Liberty.
  • College Republicans meets on Thursdays at 6:45 and works to elect Republican politicians.

Christian Broadcast Network journalist John Wesley Reid spoke at the College Republicans at Liberty University’s chapter meeting Thursday, Sept. 28.

Reid lectured the crowd of more than 50 people in DeMoss Hall room 1286 on maintaining and implementing Christian values in the political sphere—a concept he says is now more important than ever.

“When you take a look at a lot of things the left wing stands for, they don’t fit with (a Christian worldview),” Reid said.  “So it’s okay to implement Christian values in politics.”

The Washington, D.C. based Conservative drew comparisons between Christian politicians to historical figures like William Wilberforce. As an English politician from the 19th century, Wilberforce spearheaded the abolitionist movement with the Anglican evangelical group Clapham Sect in Parliament after a conversion to Christianity.

According to Reid, politicians like Wilberforce are crucial to combatting issues like abortion. He says abortion has grown so severe because of the lack of Christian leaders in politics.

“We walk around and live our lives while the biggest genocide we have ever seen happens right under our noses,” Reid said. “If the church stood a bit taller, then (abortion-legalizing court case) Roe v. Wade might have never happened. We must swallow a hard pill and realize abortion is the result of a pathetic church.”

While abortion was a prominent theme in his lecture, Reid also said there were many political matters that Christians could focus on, like sex trafficking and poverty.

He also paralleled evangelicals in the political sphere with Todd Beamer, one of the passengers on United Flight 93 who forced their hijacked plane to crash in Pennsylvania, sacrificing himself to prevent a third terrorist attack on 9/11.

According to Reid, Beamer recited biblical scripture with an airphone operator before leading other passengers in attacking the hijackers.

“In a world of injustice, be a Todd Beamer,” Reid said. “Identify evil, get a team, develop a strategy and deliver justice.”

Reid majored in political science at Biola University and briefly studied seminary at Liberty. Liberty hired him as a national recruiter during his time in seminary, and now, he tours the U.S. as a journalist.

At CBN, Reid has interviewed high-profile political influencers like American Commentator Ben Shapiro and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He has been assigned to cover controversial issues like Charlie Gard and the Charlottesville riots.

He also maintains a controversial blog titled “John Wesley Reid,” which he started in 2013. He has since amassed a following of over 20,000 people with millions more reading his conservative take on issues in the political, church and cultural world.

“Having him here is a huge blessing,” CRLU member Jessica Hughes said. “I think he fits directly in with Liberty University’s mission statement of training champions for Christ in their career field. It’s great to see someone living that out.”

CRLU, which has been just named Virginia’s highest ranked chapter for October, meets every other Thursday at 6:45 p.m. in various locations across campus.  They work to help get local, state and Federal Republicans elected.

Reid’s writing can be found at


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