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Tabloid Cover Photo Credit: Joel Coleman (An aerial shot of campus April 10, 2017.)

Tabloid Cover
Photo Credit: Joel Coleman (An aerial shot of campus April 10, 2017.)

As editor-in-chief for the 2016-2017 school year, I’ve attempted to communicate the vision of the Liberty Champion to the staff members. But the only reason I even had that opportunity is because of Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr.’s vision to use a major evangelical university to raise up champions for Christ.

Falwell Sr.’s vision for Liberty University is why the school has grown into a worldwide university with enrollment exceeding 110,000 students. From a small Baptist college without a real campus to one of the
largest universities in the country, Liberty has stayed true to its values and the vision of its founder.

Falwell Sr. was a brilliant communicator of his goal. He communicated it to his congregation at Thomas Road Baptist Church and to his students at Liberty. Now, 10 years after his unexpected passing, we are living in the fruition of his dream. The university has exploded in terms of finances, enrollment and worldwide reach.

After working on this special edition, I have an even greater sense of the kind of man Falwell Sr. was. Not only was Falwell Sr. a larger-than-life figure at the pulpit, he was a gracious giver who took every opportunity to help a student or community member. He valued his wife, children and grandchildren, making sure they knew they were the priority. His vision for Liberty never overshadowed his love for God or his family.

With this special edition of the Champion, we wanted to honor Falwell Sr., the legacy we are living in, as well as his son and current president of the university, Jerry Falwell, Jr. We wanted to take a look back at where the university began so we can better understand the miracle that is Liberty.

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