Women of the world unite

Across all seven continents, people make their voices and opinions known

I disagree with a lot of things — what some people consider humor, how people decide to just stop in the middle of a crowded walkway, the notion that sweet tea is actually good, etc.

The list could go on … and on and on.

Despite not agreeing with a person’s poor music taste or news outlet of choice, I can hear them out.

Given the opportunity, we can disagree with everyone about everything, but it won’t get us anywhere.

MARCH — Over 2 million women marched worldwide for various causes. Photo Credit: Google Image

MARCH — Over 2 million women marched worldwide for various causes.
Photo Credit: Google Image

The Women’s Marches, which took place Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 took place in all 50 states and over 30 countries worldwide, including more than 2 million people, according to USA Today.

That’s a lot of people who feel strongly about the social issues that various different groups, not just women, are facing.

Men and women worldwide marched for racial injustice, women’s rights and healthcare among many other issues.

The more conservative view of the marches was confusion as to what it was about.

Are women in the United States being oppressed? No matter how liberal the event, it is proof that society is in need of more compassion and understanding.

As I saw several images from marches, I couldn’t help but think that we as Christians are failing miserably.

And while these shortcomings were highlighted as a result of the election, that is not where they were created.

We live and interact with people everyday who have felt the effects of injustice, and we should be known as their advocates.

Each and every human being, no matter their race, gender or whatever other titles, have been created in the image of God.

That isn’t some fluffy, feel good Christian phrase.

It is truth, and we ought to start acting like it.

When millions of people are marching because they feel marginalized, abused, mistreated, ignored, etc. — we listen.

And it ought to remind us that we always have the ability to choose grace and love.

A proper understanding of God and his truth makes the choice easy.

We do not have to and will not always agree with our neighbors, but we do have to love them.

Whether or not they’ve had an abortion, or are homosexual or living a lifestyle that we don’t agree with, that command still stands.

Biblical love comes without conditions.

If a million women turned out to march because they feel less than, the body of Christ is clearly failing to be the example that we should be.

There is always the option to hold fast to our beliefs, while still being empathetic.

Carter is the opinion editor.

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