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Football is almost over, but before I go and sulk around by myself for seven months, the most exciting day in football is quickly approaching.

For a football fan, the Super Bowl is one of the best days of the entire year, but I don’t just love that last Sunday of football for the game — the whole atmosphere of the day is something I anticipate each year.

Though both conference championships ended in blowouts, and my favorite team didn’t even make it past the regular season, I can only hope for a close game on Super Bowl Sunday. A shootout between two of the top quarterbacks in the postseason will make for entertaining television. The whole country, aside from the small sliver of the northeast, will be rooting against the Patriots, and I’m jumping on that bandwagon as quickly as possible.

It’s Super Bowl legend Tom Brady against Super Bowl newcomer Matt Ryan. When Brady starts Super Bowl LI, he will be playing in his seventh Super Bowl, the most by any quarterback in history. Ryan, however, who has been in the league since 2008, will be making the first Super Bowl start of his career.

A battle of experience versus unfamiliarity — but a battle nonetheless.

If Brady does again win, it will be an impressive victory for the 39-year-old quarterback, who missed the first four games of the season due to the Deflategate suspension. But I can’t bear to witness another Brady victory.

And then there’s the commercials, though, the last few years of commercials have been lackluster, I always look forward to see what Doritos is going to try next or what heart-wrenching moment the Clydesdale horses will create.

Amidst the tears from my favorite team not playing in the Super Bowl, I need a good laugh to make it through to the end, especially if that end includes Brady hoisting yet another Super Bowl MVP trophy.

And how could anyone forget the food and social events that come with Super Bowl Sunday? Chicken wings and appetizers and 30 of your closest friends make the day more about than just a football game.

All in all and despite my deepest desires, I think Brady pulls out another victory, making my seven months free of football just a little bit sadder.

Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief.

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