Liberty Professors respond the to the 2016 Presidential Election

Polling presents itself as a science but still has to build in some assumptions, such as the electorate in 2016 looking like the electorate in 2012 in terms of composition and turnout. We now know this wasn’t the case. Add to that what appears to be a late swing of voters to Donald Trump after the last polling was done, either due to last-minute decisions by independents, prospective third-party voters or a silent electorate that kept their options to themselves because of how negatively they’ve been portrayed, and you have the formula for an election which defied the polls.”

At best, a new president has a year to win over the electorate. Donald Trump will have the advantage of a working majority in both houses of Congress. He should strike while the proverbial iron is still hot.”

Donald Trump is the most unique President-elect in recent American history. He has a great opportunity to assure the American people that he can govern effectively. Keys to his success will be bringing in the best minds, crafting sound and effective policy and enacting his agenda with deliberate speed, which will build confidence in his ability to govern. Perhaps most importantly, he is in a position to use his new platform to try and bring a deeply divided nation together.”


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