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On Wednesday, Oct. 12, I had the opportunity to attend the Convocation in which Gov. Mike Pence addressed the student body of Liberty University, not just as a student, but as a member of the press.

Seated in front of me were more than 10 traveling press members who follow Pence’s every moves for nationally-known publications such as The New York Times, CNN and Buzzfeed.

As the campus collective began the morning with usual worship, I found myself in a different spot than normal.

Typically, I would stand up and sing along to the multiple worship songs played from the front of the stage, but this time I just watched the Vines Center and the members of the press.

An overwhelming feeling, I can only attribute to the Holy Spirit, came over me during the songs.

I could not help but think of what a special time it was for these press members, many of whom may not have a relationship with Jesus, to feel the presence of the Lord.

These press members, who may have attended secular universities and never set foot in a church before, had the chance to hear the promises of God proclaimed by thousands of Liberty students because they were doing their job of covering Pence’s campaign.

A wave of proudness filled my heart as I realized I am a part of the university and the student body that has a platform to share the gospel through a single Convocation service.

There’s no way for me to know if the songs of worship or the interactions with students made a difference in the lives of the members of visiting press, but there’s no denying God can use any situation to bring people to him.

We may not agree with every comment made from every speaker who takes the Convocation stage, but there is no denying that the name of Jesus is made known to the guests in the Vines center.

That is why I am proud of Liberty for bringing in a variety of high-profile speakers, who give the university an even larger chance to share the love of Jesus with others.

As Liberty continues to invite more and more speakers who members of the community or members of the press want to come and see, I can’t help but be excited to see how God uses the platform of Convocation and the student body of Liberty to show the world why we stand up in worship in the first place.

Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief.

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