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Jars of Hope helps raise awareness against trafficking

For every jar of broken and glittering pieces of glass she sells, Jennifer Tartini, junior global studies major at Liberty University, spreads awareness and hope for girls in human-trafficking in nations all over the world through her non-profit organization.

The idea for Jars of Hope came a week before the Fall 2015 semester when Tartini, her mother and sister were sitting together at a diner while Tartini researched mason jars.

“I basically told God that, that summer, I’m ready for whatever He has for me and completely available for whatever He wants to do,” Tartini said.

GLITTER — The jars are sold as necklaces. Photo credit: Jenna SoloMon

GLITTER — The jars are sold as necklaces. Photo credit: Jenna SoloMon

Tartini then decided to paint the mason jars and sell them on the Facebook page entitled, “Only Girls LU,” before she realized she could use the proceeds to give to charity.

Tartini then proposed an idea that each month, she would sell the jars and the proceeds would go towards a different organization.

Each month, the inside of the jars hold a bit of information about that need, why the need is there and what other organizations were doing on the front line to help, Tartini said.

Around 200 likes and 60 comments encouraged Tartini and supported her idea.

Once October came around, Tartini said she focused on creating jars to help those in human trafficking.

Tartini said she and her friend Hannah Sherlacher came up with the idea for the pendant-sized glitter jars that are sold as necklaces, as well as anklets and bracelets, according to the Jars of Hope Instagram page.

From there, Tartini and Sherlacher’s ideas kept growing.

“It actually expanded so much and grew so fast I had trouble keeping track of … what was happening,” Tartini said.

“People were coming to my dorm at times when I wasn’t even there to buy necklaces.”

According to Tartini, the necklaces started as short jars hanging on the end of a strand of rope, and evolved to short and long jars hanging on the end of chains.

In February 2016, Tartini’s goal of raising at least $2,000 for different charity organizations was reached. Jars of Hope donated $1,500 to a non-profit organization in New Jersey called Love True, Tartini said.

Jars of Hope gives money to organizations who Tartini has a web connection to or personally knows.

Some of these organizations include Exodus Cry, The Exodus Road, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), Cherished, Freedom 4/24, Sheer Love International, and Street Ransom.

Tartini did not set any goals, yet the organization grew quickly.

Despite not setting any initial goals, she did know that she wanted to donate jars to different safe homes.

“Operation Underground Railroad is moreso focused on rescue and then they connect with the … safe home to donate to,” Tartini said.

“Some of these organizations are in the process of building their safe homes, and some people actually just go on the streets and talk to girls. … It just varies on whats their mission right now.”

Tartini recently received an approval to offer CSER credit for those wanting to be involved with the organization, and is wanting to expand Jars of Hope to local fairs and farmers markets, including the Fall Festival Oct. 28.

Tartini said she expects to see Jars of Hope grow into a worldwide business, and Tartini is in the process of getting the papers necessary to legalize the business.

With all the big events coming up, she expects Jars of Hope to raise more than $10,000.

Any organization that raises this amount or more must be a registered, legal business.

According to Tartini, it is easier for an organization to get into closed countries when it can call itself a business rather than a non-profit.

Tartini said she wants to hire girls who have been rescued from trafficking so that they can affect their own communities.

“(I’m) expecting big things … but really just being open to whatever God has,” Tartini said.

For more information on how you can help Tartini fight human trafficking visit jarsofhope.love.

RAMEY is a feature reporter.

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  • We at The Exodus Road are beyond grateful for Jennifer and her partnership with our organization. She has an amazing heart and the creativity and energy to truly Empower Rescue! Awesome job Jennifer!

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