Single and Ready to LU Mingle

There are now more ways than ever to help Liberty University students get their ring by spring.

During Convocation Friday, April 1, Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser announced a new program available just for Liberty students.

“We know its spring time and a lot of you still haven’t found ‘the one,’” Nasser said. “So we are officially rolling out a new program today called LU Mingle to make finding love easier.”

The crowd roared with applause as a slide appeared on the overhead screens with more information.


“Just log in on the Liberty website like you normally do,” Nasser said. “Go to your My LU portal and there will be a link found at the top left hand corner of the page. Click the link to sign in with your Liberty ID and fill out your profile information.”

Nasser said that although this new program is aimed to help students find lasting relationships, they should not focus on their relationships with others more than they focus on their relationship with God.

“My wife is so amazing,” Nasser said. “But she makes an awful God.”

The new website was available to students as soon as Convocation ended. Students rushed onto their computers to create their LU Mingle profile.

“LU Mingle features advanced options to help each student find a suitable spouse,” John Doe, creator of LU Mingle said. “First, you login with your Liberty ID. LU Mingle will automatically pull information for your profile such as your hometown, graduation year, age and your area of concentration. You can then create the rest of your profile by answering a few questions.”

Doe said the questions focus on your future plans, physical appearance preferences and a new feature called “relationship goals” that is not available on any other dating site.

“It is all aimed to help students find their ideal spouse that will ultimately strengthen their relationship with God,” Doe said. “However, the site is monitored so if a student puts relationship goals that are not biblical they will be contacted by a campus pastor within a few days.”

Doe said students are able to contact each other through the site. If a student is contacted, they can either respond with “I would love to meet you,” “Can we hang out in a group first?” “Let’s be friends,” or “I feel that God isn’t calling me to date right now.”

According to Doe, the number of students using the site has been overwhelming as more than 4,000 students have joined as of the end of April 1.

Doe said the next step of this program is to eventually create an M.R.S. degree for female students wishing to pursue a life of being a wife and a mother.

“We should hopefully have this program of study available by fall 2017,” Doe said.

Although 2017 is over a year away, many prospective students have already committed to Liberty because of the new program.

“We are really excited for students to meet each other and create a relationship that can hopefully lead to marriage,” Doe said. “LU Mingle is here to help.”

**Happy April Fools!


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