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“Whatever you are facing right now, God is with you!”



David Nasser preached this message with deep conviction during Monday’s Convocation. In the midst of your circumstances, you need to remember and rely upon the promises of God. A promise is only as good as the one making it. Nasser encouraged us to remember that the source of a promise gives the promise its value. One of the most profound promises God has made and continues to keep is that He is with us all the time. No matter what. If we believe this, it should radically change the way we live.

After hearing Nasser share his heart regarding one of the darkest seasons of his life, I was humbled and encouraged. I think sometimes we forget that everyone we come in contact with is facing a battle of his or her own. I have been so caught up lately in my own little world that I have taken my eyes off of the promises of God. I needed to hear what Nasser preached. I needed to hear it, not just for my own encouragement, but so I can take the comfort and promises of God with me wherever I go.

“You want to change the world? Go be you!” Bob Goff closed out our final week of convocation with a simple message. He encouraged us to be childlike and humble. What if we allowed humility to invade our lives? What if we loved everyone, always?

With the semester ending and summer break right around the corner, maybe this would be a good time to stop and reflect upon all that God has done in your life in the past few months. Take time away from studying for finals to spend time alone with God. Reflect upon His promises and think about the many ways that He has been faithful to carry you through this semester. Then take the hope that you have and boldly share it wherever God takes you.

Have an awesome summer!

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