Gage fills open role

Professor named president of VATA organization

Dr. Matthew Gage, associate professor and clinical coordinator at Liberty University, has been chosen to serve as president-elect for the Virginia Athletic Training Association (VATA).


According to VATA, its mission is to improve the quality of health for residents of Virginia. Gage is dedicated to that same mission as he begins his term as president-elect — a position he will serve for one year.

As president-elect, Gage has many plans to help the Commonwealth of Virginia. Third-party reimbursements are one of the first tasks on his agenda. Gage explained that in Virginia, insurance companies currently do not reimburse patients for athletic training costs. He would like to see insurance companies covering more costs for the citizens of Virginia.

Another goal Gage has as president-elect is to increase membership involvement. According to Gage, in order to have successful legislature within healthcare reform, all of the members need to be active in VATA.

The Return to Learn Plan is very important to Gage as well. This plan allows children who suffer from concussions to receive a reduced workload on their arrival back to school. Gage hopes to have a bill on this issue, as well as several others regarding concussions, passed by VATA.

Gage also would like to see more athletic trainers being employed for youth events. He says that there are so many youth events that do not have enough athletic trainers to cover them.

“The general public receives a better quality of healthcare when athletic trainers are present,” Gage said.

As president-elect, Gage will be responsible for assuming presidential duties when the president is absent, assisting the president in his or her goals and visions and helping the president execute the direction of VATA projects. Other tasks include maintaining the policies and procedure manual, meeting with committee chairs and reviewing VATA position descriptions annually.

Although becoming president-elect was never something Gage expected, he is honored and excited about his new position.

“Never put a limit on what God can do in your life,” Gage said. “He gives responsibilities for a reason and challenges us. I hope I represent him well.”

FROST is a news reporter.

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