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90.9 The Light receives equipment to begin rebroadcasting from campus

Liberty University’s campus radio station, 90.9 The Light FM, has been undergoing major changes this semester. After moving its location from the courtyard to the first floor of DeMoss Hall, the new station aired its first live broadcast of the semester Monday, Nov. 3.

soundboard — New resources offer oppurtunities for students involved in radio. Photo credit: Caroline Milwicz

Soundboard — New resources offer oppurtunities for students involved in radio. Photo credit: Caroline Milwicz

“The idea is that it is supposed to create an upgrade for the station, not so much in power but in the things that it can do,” Chris Underation, professor and manager of 90.9, said. “So the new equipment that you’ll see when you go down there is not the same equipment you would have seen when it was in the courtyard. It’s pretty much a totally new station in that regard.”

The new equipment is already drawing students into the station, according to Underation. Caleb Barefoot, a broadcasting major, has been using the equipment to work on some of his projects.

“I go into the radio station every Tuesday and Thursday between my classes to work on any projects that I may have that week,” Barefoot said. “I have used some of the equipment to record most of my broadcasting projects this year, and I think that the upgrade from the old equipment is really nice.”

Underation explained that media is shifting, and 90.9 is all about keeping up with the changing times.

“The thing about the station is that broadcasting today is all about flexibility, so the station is meant to be flexible,” Underation said. “You have a big, on-air studio with five microphones, and you’ve got two studios with news, and you have got things where there is actually a line of sight from the main studio into other studios so that you can put multiple studios on at the same time.”

The station’s new studio is meant to give students experience with producing live broadcasts.

“The idea there is that students are producing work that is going on the air live, and they are doing stuff that they are producing and putting it in a pre-recorded way.” Underation said. “It is all supposed to be relatively seamless just like radio is supposed to be.”

Underation talked about how technology has improved so that 90.9 can be more like stations in major cities such as Chicago.

Underation explained that, in order for the station to stand out among its competitors, 90.9 is undergoing some changes.

“There will be a new branding initiative that is going on as well,” Underation said. “This is to give the station more to sell, that we are a different kind of Christian radio station that can give a different experience.”

The practicum where students run the radio station might be slightly different in the coming semesters. Underation explained that classes may morph in order to support the new radio station.

“I have done the radio practicum before,” Barefoot said. “Now, I am really excited to take it again with the new station.”

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