Center4ME celebrates MLK day

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Students, faculty and Lynchburg residents gather to commemorate the American civil rights leader’s legacy

LEADERSHIP — Martin Luther King, Jr.’s role in the civil rights movement has not been forgotten. Google Images

LEADERSHIP — Martin Luther King, Jr.’s role in the civil rights movement has not been forgotten. Google Images

Liberty’s Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME) hosted its annual event celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jan. 20.

As students, faculty and the Lynchburg community gathered in Towns Auditorium to reflect on the accomplishments and struggles that King faced while fighting for civil rights, LU Praise began the night by leading the congregation in worship.

“We are glad that you came out to celebrate a legacy that Dr. Martin Luther King has left us,” John Swann, coordinator for Center4ME, said.

Swann welcomed the audience for a night of worship, prayer and reflection as the service began with an opening prayer.

Some selected students went on stage to do a recital of the famous “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” speech in order to spend time in reflection on the words of King’s last public speech.

“Martin Luther King was one of the first voices to stand up against a sin that others were too afraid to speak out against,” one student said. “Because of his voice, it gave the courage for other voices to speak out. Just as Christ teaches us to speak truth, so did Martin Luther King. With his truth, (he) brought the beginning of a change that we desperately needed to take place.”

The keynote speaker, Dr. Micah Madison McCreary, senior pastor of Spring Creek Baptist Church, gave the audience a testimonial speech on how his life took a dramatic change from poverty to where his life is at right now.

McCreary made a comparison between King and Nelson Mandela, describing how they both portrayed boldness in standing up for what is right.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mandela, they didn’t care what the world said about them,” McCreary said. “They didn’t care how the world treated them. They stood strong for what is right.”

In his reflection of history, McCreary encouraged the student body to fight the good fight.

“We need young people,” McCreary said. “Every movement that happened in this country has happened because young people like you decided to take up the good fight. You will need determination to make the society change for the better.”

As the night came to a close, students responded to the time they spent looking back on King’s life.

“It was a good time to reflect on the responsibility that Martin Luther King has left us to treat each other better,” junior Steven Burgos said. “As Christians, we should see Martin Luther King as a great example of who fought against a great oppression. It should also inspire us to equip ourselves to fight for what is right in the secular world.”

People from all over the country celebrate King’s life every year and remember the cause that he fought for, according to

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