Graduation brings new Lynchburg visitors

Runners competed in the race at Camp Hydaway Saturday morning

Downtown — Business owners are anticipating an increase of visitors. Photo credit: Karly Kryza

As graduation approaches, so do many friends and family members of students, traveling into the area to see their son or daughter as his or her time at college comes to a close. With so many family members visiting Lynchburg, students around campus offered advice, sharing where they would take family during their visit to the city.

“We love Rivermont Pizza, so we’d probably go there,” junior Taylor Frazier said. “Then we would check out down by the (James) River and take some hikes through there.”

According to, the Blackwater Creek Bikeway and the Blackwater Creek Natural Area located in downtown Lynchburg are a part of the James River Trail Heritage System.

These biking and hiking trails provide eight miles of paved and unpaved paths for travelers to follow according to Included on the trail is a waterfall, an abandoned railroad tunnel and a bridge over the James River that provides onlookers a breathtaking view of Lynchburg’s natural scenery.

Lynchburg also offers many historical landmarks to visitors. Families can visit The Appomattox War Museum, Patrick Henry’s Red House, the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford or Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest. According to, Thomas Jefferson began construction of his home in 1806. This National Historical landmark is one location to visit among many, located on Bateman Bridge Road in Lynchburg.

“I would go downtown and just walk around antique shops,” senior Eric Long said.

There are four antique shops located within downtown Lynchburg’s collection of salons, jewelry shops, clothing stores and furniture outlets, according to

Lynchburg features antiques in Buzzard’s Roost, Enchanted, McCraw’s New and Used Furniture and Scarlet’s Main Street Mall. These stores are located on Commerce Street and Main Street.

“The Farmer’s Market’s really good on Saturday mornings too,” junior Rebecca Straats said.

Farmers sell their products on Wednesdays and Saturdays year-round. The market also offers two permanent shops, four locally owned restaurants and a bakery and cheese shop.

Along with the shops downtown are also many opportunities to be active.

“I’d take my brother to the skate park (downtown),” sophomore Ashtan Farmer said.

According to, Lynchburg offers residents and visitors many ways to find adventure in the area. Rivermont Skate Park, located on 9th Street, features a 14,000-squarefoot complex, complete with a street course and bowl for skaters to enjoy.

For the adventurous at heart, Rise Up Climbing on Church Street is Central Virginia’s Premier indoor climbing gym, offering hands-on instruction to visitors.

For those with a sweet tooth, Lynchburg has many different choices of ice cream and frozen yogurt, according to Lynchburg offers Yogurt Yeti, Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt, Bloop Frozen Yogurt, Bahama Snow Shack Inc. and Cold Stone Creamery, along with a local favorite, Mr. Goodies, located on Timberlake Road.

Students also mentioned Liberty’s many different activities on campus in their advice to incoming families.

“I’d probably go to the lake, that’s the first thing,” sophomore Jasmine Cowder said.

Liberty’s Ivy Lake, located in Forest, Va., is a scenic spot for fishing, canoeing or swimming according to Liberty’s website.

According to Liberty’s website, Liberty also offers the horse lover’s escape at the Equestrian Center. Other Liberty attractions include motorcross and ATV trails, bowhunting, a gun range and ice skating at the LaHaye Ice Center. Other activities, such as sporting events will also take place on campus.

While visiting for graduation, there are many opportunities awaiting visitors of Lynchburg. For more information and activities offered by Lynchburg and the surrounding areas, visit, or

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