Liberty University Equestrian Center

The Liberty University Equestrian Center provides current students the opportunity to take part in an array of recreational activities including riding lessons and trail rides.

According to the Equestrian Center website, the facilities offer several types of stalls, wash racks, a student lounge and 30-plus acres of pastures.

Since the barn opened in the fall of 2011, students have been hired to help keep the facilities clean through the work-study program offered through Liberty. One of those students is Georgiana Estell a junior health promotions student and resident assistant at the Annex.

“I grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana, so working with horses is like second nature to me,” Estell said. “When I saw that the Equestrian Center was finally open and was hiring, I submitted my application right away.”

Estell said the she appreciates the opportunity to work at the Equestrian Center, which has been open since the Fall of 2011.

“Working here has been one of the biggest blessings during my time at Liberty,” Estell said. “The barn manager, Caroline Trexler, and the other barn staff are incredible ladies. I love being a part of what is happening up here. It is truly an honor. It is exciting to watch this place grow because the atmosphere at the barn has enabled all levels of riders to feel comfortable to ride and learn here.”

Student Activities’ website says that students are allowed to horses, take lessons or go on a trail ride Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We have an average of about a dozen students every Saturday who come up to the barn for lessons or a trail ride,” Estell said. “However, this number has been as high as 20 students before. We also have students coming up during the week for lessons. Students, alumni, and prospective students are stopping by the barn on a daily basis to check things out and ask how they can get involved with what’s happening at the Equestrian Center.”

Lessons and rides are also scheduled for 1.5-hour increments. Up to 4 individuals can sign up for trailed rides, but only two can sign up for a shared lesson.

“We give quite a few lessons and provide the opportunity for students to go trail riding,” Estell said. “Student Activities has held the Fall Festival at the barn for the past 2 years, and both times, it was a huge success. We have also had some student leaders bring their dorms up for barn night, which gives their students the chance to ride and just hang out with the animals. I think that people just like to get off campus and be in the peace and quiet that the Equestrian Center offers.”

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  • I am at an intensive this week. We are supposed to get out on Thursday by 1 or 1:30 pm. We would like to know if a group of us could go on a trail ride Thursday afternoon. Obviously we will all be gone by Saturday afternoon so we are asking for an exception. Thank you for your consideration.

    Thank you
    Julie Cozzie

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