Going on an all-terrain adventure

Liberty University prides itself on being the most exciting Christian university in the nation, and with the recent addition of the ATV and Motocross facilities, it is clear that they intend to live up to their motto.

Mike Ellsworth is the Assistant Director of Student Activities and oversees the program. He is proud to offer this activity to the students.

Ride — Liberty has added new ATV and Motorcross facilities this year. Photo credit: Jill Springer

“The ATV program was put in place to give students the opportunity to do some of the things that they wouldn’t normally be able to do at home and to provide them with an exciting experience while they are here,” Ellsworth said. “It’s something that not a lot of other universities are able to offer their students. It’s something that we take pride in, and it allows students to have a blast on all that property and be able to use it to its full value.”

There are three ATVs available to rent for an hour-and-a-half time slot, plus 10 to 12 miles of trails to ride. Any Liberty student can apply to rent an ATV, but they must fill out a few forms found on the Liberty University Student Activities website or in their office at Green Hall. Each rider must complete a safety course as well.

Once all of the registration is completed, the student will get a membership card, allowing them to sign up for a time slot. If the student has their own ATV and completes the paperwork along with the safety course, they can ride the trails on their own quad without having to get a rental.

The program’s popularity on campus has already grown from last year, and so has the amount of students applying to get registered.

“This week, we had 21 kids riding, and we average about 20 to 25 students per week,” Ellsworth said. “It has definitely picked up this semester, even more than last semester already. I think the word is getting around, and that’s why we have gotten more traffic. We had over 70 kids at our safety meeting.”

The Motocross track is also available for students to ride on. However, there are no rental dirt bikes so, students must bring their own. The track is located beside the new Equestrian Center off Lone Jack Road. Paperwork also needs to be completed before anyone can ride the course.

The program is a great way to meet new people and start new friendships with students who enjoy the outdoors.

“It is a really great way to build friendships because you can meet someone at the course and ride at the same time,” Ellsworth said. “It is a lot of fun to be riding with someone that you have a friendship with. It’s a really good way to build relationships and get to know other people.”

Liberty has continued to grow every semester, and as the student population increases, so does the amount and variety of activates offered for students.

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