Liberty Today app goes live

New app — The Liberty Today mobile app allows users to interact with multiple news outlets at Liberty University. Liberty University graphic

New software connects Liberty University community

Liberty University students may now be connected to campus happenings with the recently developed “Liberty Today,” which will be the first official mobile application launched for the university.

“The mobile app was created to deliver the day-by-day news and updates in the way that most people are getting information today,” Senior Vice President of Marketing Ron Kennedy said. “Liberty Today will help us share this excitement with the Liberty family on campus and all over the world.”

The user-friendly app will contain an extensive list of features to keep students plugged in to essential information and announcements on campus.

Official Project Coordinator Katie Anfindsen currently heads up the project and the marketing involved in promoting the app both on and off campus. Promotions include a sign in the Lynchburg Airport, buck slips in inquiry packets, emailing different populations and printing mock cell phones with Liberty Today information on them. She expressed her enthusiasm and hopes for the application.

“Liberty Today stands out from other applications for many reasons. First, Liberty Today is the official mobile app of Liberty. It is for all different people connected to Liberty. We have a Breaking news feature that is unique to Liberty Today. Once breaking news is released, it will go straight to Liberty Today and will be one of the fastest ways you can view breaking news,” Anfindsen said.

“Another benefit is on the Facebook and Twitter integration. After you download Liberty Today on your iPad, you are able to log in to your Twitter and Facebook to see your feed right in Liberty Today. Lastly, you are able to view previous Convocation speakers all the way back to Fall 2008. This is the easiest and fastest way to watch one of your favorite speakers deliver a message at Liberty,” Anfindsen said.

The “Liberty Today” app is available for various smartphones including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry and is free to download.


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