A look at GOP Primary candidates

When the Virginia Republican primaries are held Tuesday, March 6, only two candidates will be on the ballot, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. The information below profiles each candidate’s stance on key issues, and can be found on their official campaign websites.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney

Romney has promised a historic day if sworn into the presidency Jan. 20, 2013. His first day in office, Romney plans to exercise an executive order that grants waivers to all 50 states repealing “ObamaCare.” Under Romney’s plan, the states will have the deciding power on healthcare for their citizens.


Romney, like all the political candidates, has made the federal deficit an emphasis in his campaign. To control the spending, Romney has pushed the agenda of honest and obtainable goals. One of those goals is to cap spending at 20 percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Currently, the spending has hovered near 24 to 25 percent. Romney also claims that he will send Congress a bill that cuts spending of non-security matters by five percent throughout all departments.

Another way Romney plans to cut the budget is by either eliminating or reducing several laws, corporations or aids. In addition to “Obamacare,” Romney will work to privatize Amtrak and reduce foreign aid to countries that oppose American interest.

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney once declared May 7 as “The Right to Bear Arms Day,” showing his commitment and stance on the second amendment. Romney will back current laws that are in effect and promises to veto new laws that burden gun owners while having little effect on criminals.

Lastly, Romney is pro-life. He supports the Hyde Amendment, which restricts the use of federal funds for abortions. While history shows that Romney has straddled the fence on the issue, he recently noted that President Reagan was a former President that was “pro-choice before he became pro-life.”

From Romney: “Times are tough. And we need leaders who will live with integrity, who have the courage to tell the truth, and who have the experience to get our economy back on track. That’s the kind of leader I am. And that’s the kind of president I will be.”

Texas Rep. Ron Paul (14th District)

Ron Paul believes that healthcare should not be forced upon Americans. His campaign has promoted a “freedom not force” mentality and will fight to repeal ObamaCare.


Paul boasts of being the only candidate with a true plan to cut the deficit, instead of merely discussing the problem. His plans include eliminating the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior and Education. Additionally, the Transportation Security Administration would be dissolved under Paul’s plan for controlling the budget.

If elected president, Paul has vowed to make one change that everyone can appreciate: cheaper gas. His plan includes offshore drilling, abolishing highway motor fuel taxes and offering tax credits for production and use of natural gas vehicles. If elected, Paul will have to budget his own finances like the majority of Americans, as he has promised to set his salary at $39,336, the approximate average salary of a full-time employee. Paul will assemble together a full audit of the Federal Reserve in order to strengthen the value of the dollar.

Paul has supported the second amendment and is one of the strongest supporters of its security. In Congress, Paul wrote legislation that would allow pilots and specially trained officials to carry firearms in the cockpit to help prevent another attack like 9/11.

Another area in which Paul has gathered publicity is his views on immigration. Paul will seek to return America to protecting its borders by enforcing border security and ending birthright citizenship, which allows immigrants to stay as long as their child is born in the United States.

From Paul: “As President, I give you my word that I will only exercise my authority within the confines of the Constitution, and I will work every day to rein in a runaway federal government by binding it with the chains of that document.”

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  • Ron Paul is also staunchly pro-life. He has delivered thousands of babies and is a strong voice for life. He has always held this stance.

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