Volleyball Seniors leave behind a legacy of accomplishments


#2 Rebecca Warren

Virginia Beach, Va.
Elementary Education

Career Highlights:
Recorded 14 kills against Virginia Commonwealth University Nov. 28, 2009

14 career aces

Warren on Liberty:

“In high school, I thought that I wanted to go to a secular school. I’d been in a Christian school all my life, but I came to one of (Liberty’s) games and I sent out my recruit packet and I ended up coming to play for a summer at a camp and just fell in love with the girls … I’ll never forget the moment in (Pinder’s) office freshman year when he challenged me. I could just hear that for once in my life, someone other than my parents truly cared about my life.”

Pinder on Warren:

“It’s been amazing to see her grow as a young woman. When you talk about all these seniors, I can say without a doubt as they walk out of here that they are going to be champions for Christ somewhere. This young lady has a passion for people, has a passion for the ministry. Don’t be surprised to see her doing some pretty amazing things out there for God. My favorite memory of Becca has been her humor on the bus. She’s headed up the fight song cheer for the last year. Once we saw the stadium we’d hear her, whether it was two in the morning or whatever time it was, telling everyone to get up the second they see the stadium and then we’d start hearing, ‘fan the flames, fan the flames’ headed up by her. I’m a pretty serious guy but she had a way of just bringing the right type of humor.”


#4 Courtney Boggs

Marysville, Ohio

Career highlights:
Recorded a team high 686 assists in sophomore 2009 season

Has registered seven career double-doubles

Three 60 assist matches

Reflections on her decision to attend Liberty:

“Ever since I heard about Liberty, that it was a division one Christian school, I knew I wanted to come here. Coming here for the first time (on a recruiting visit) I met (Pinder) and the girls on that team and I just knew something was different about this place. Not only are the people different, but what you play for is different. I’m so glad I came here, I couldn’t have made a better choice.”

Pinder on Boggs:

“There’s not a better picture of a young woman that day in and day out did things with high integrity, high morals and high character. It’ll be something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. She’s probably taught me more than what I’ve taught her over the years. I’ll miss the little swag she has. She’s probably one of the premiere trash talkers in the nation right now and she’s got one of the best stare downs.”


#10 Kelly Haseman

Three Rivers, Mich.

Career Highlights:
Liberty’s all time leader in career digs, currently 5th in Big South history

First ever Liberty player with back-to-back 500 dig seasons

2008 Big South All-Freshman Team, 2009 Big South All-Tournament Team, 2010 Big South All-Tournament Second Team

Haseman on memories and motivation:

“I’ll definitely remember being able to win the Big South. That was such a huge celebration, being able to watch the TV and see who we were going to play and then being at Nebraska was just a great experience. I’ll always remember that. My motivation has been the girls. I don’t end a play so when they terminate a ball or hit somebody in the face, that just gets me fired up and keeps me going wanting to make more plays for them.”

Pinder on Haseman:

“She’s a fierce competitor. She keeps grinding and gets it done. There’s no greater testament to that than being the all time career leader in digs at Liberty. … One of my fondest memories to date … is her match against Nebraska. I go back to that tape quite often just to see her against All-Americans on a team that went to the final four and in moments when balls were just ripped and there’s Haseman and the ball’s coming up. I’ll never forget that memory of that moment together.”


#15 Courtney Cooper

Forest, Va.
Business Management

Career highlights:
Recorded 111 digs in each of her first two seasons

Registered 21 digs against Radford, Sept. 23, 2011

Named to Big South Presidential Honor Roll three times

Cooper on Liberty career:

“I wanted to come to Liberty regardless of volleyball. Volleyball has been such a blessing and opportunity, but ultimately I just wanted to be a part of Dr. Falwell’s school training champions for Christ. A favorite memory would be as a freshman, coming onto this team and being a part of it and winning Big South. (That) was awesome. Just being able to be with such a great team over the years has been the neatest experience.”

Pinder on Cooper:

Here’s another senior with unbelievable character. To see her consistently grow in her role and never back down, it’s kept growing and it gave her the opportunity to play and contribute to this program – her determination, true grit and hard work every day is something that this senior has taught me and really challenged me in. We’ll miss that.

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