SA’s Jazz Night event: success

Enjoying the vibes — Students gathered under the night sky to enjoy the sounds of the Bob Peckman Trio. Photo credit: Bekah Lohr

Trio brings calming effect

As smooth jazz glided through the courtyard Wednesday, Aug. 31, DeMoss was transformed into a musical oasis. The stylistic performance of the Bob Peckman Trio allowed students to soak in the soothing, soulful tunes.

The Bob Peckman Trio has been gracing Liberty’s stage since 2006 and has continued to return due to their positive relationship with the Liberty campus. Associate Director of Student Activities, Alese Chandler, stated “(Jazz Night) has had different musicians over the years, but the Bob Peckman Trio is by far our deepest connection and perhaps our favorite.”

The evening took place by the fountain in the DeMoss courtyard where the stage was dimly lit, creating a relaxed and calming atmosphere. Students sat and listened, the view of smiles and nodding of heads in time with the music evident among the 200 plus crowd.

The concession stand was also a big hit, where a variety of pastries and tea were sold. Student Activities member Meredith Smith, a junior in Liberty’s Communication Department, helped with the concession stand and the Jazz night event. “We had a great turnout. It was a really relaxing atmosphere, and people loved the concession stand,” Smith said.

The students sat whispering among each other throughout the night, some doing homework, others casually talking and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that Bob Peckman’s jazz music created.

Ashley Watts, a graduate student at Liberty, has attended the Student Activities hosted Jazz Night since 2005. “I love jazz music, it calms my nerves and (Jazz Night) always has an enjoyable atmosphere which also makes it a great place to do homework,” Watts said.

The Bob Peckman Trio has made numerous appearances at Liberty in the last few years and is based in Roanoke. The talented trio has Dave Morgan on lead vocals, Alan Watson on the Piano and Bob Peckman on the drums. They played various classics throughout the night, including renditions of Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis songs. They also allowed audience requests, which helped to keep the students involved in the concert.

“Bob and his band will always say how great it is to see young people enjoying jazz. To them, it’s a dying genre so to come to a college where kids are intently enjoying the vibes and trumpet sounds… as they say, ‘they dig it’,” Chandler said.

The event was a definite success. By the end of the evening, the courtyard hosted hundreds of students who were able to see the Bob Peckman Trio at their finest.

“(Jazz Night) is a joy to put on, but the weather always adds a tricky element. We lucked out this time… perfect clear skies, what more could we ask for,” Chandler said.

Student Activities hosts a variety of engaging events throughout the school year. For more information about upcoming events, refer to the Student Activities page on Liberty’s website. Or email Student Activities at or call 592-3061.

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