Liberty offers new ways for learning languages

Communication is universal and learning a new language has become more popular as time has progressed. Privet, guten tag and namaste all mean hello and will be one of the many words that one will hear when taking conversational language courses.

Outside of Liberty’s academics, the university also offers courses that will help “develop and enrich an individual’s needs.” The Center for Professional and Continuing Education programs (CPCE) has non-credit language courses at different times during the semester and is open to anyone who is interested in receiving the foundation of another language. CPCE language courses include Russian, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish and English as a second language.

Russian Instructor Pavel Vasioutovitch began teaching Russian to class sizes of four in the spring semester of 2011. After listening to comments from former students on how to improve the course, this semester he is focusing more on vocabulary and teaching his students how to read.

“If you know how to read the word you can reproduce it,” Vasioutovitch said.

Students take a particular interest in his course because of their desire to possess a skill set when entering into the field of international business and communications. Vasioutovitch believes that if people are interested in culture, then these courses are a great opportunity for students to get better aquainted with the language.

Although learning another language is often used to enhance one’s resume, there are some individuals that would love to take another language for the sake of learning something new. Freshmen Suphitporn Tangsirisatian said that although Chinese is a very difficult language to learn, it is still beautiful when you speak it and write it.

“I would take Chinese because it is becoming the second most used language in the world. I can reach out to so many more people this way,” Tangsiristin said.

Senior Michele Clayton has been on mission trips to Europe and expresses her desire to go and serve in that area. “I am passionate to learn Russian because I feel a desire to spend time in the European area. I also believe that it is smart to offer these types of courses because it helps prepare a person without the pressures of the academic side and it can be more enjoyable, ” Clayton said.

Clayton also said that she would love for them to add another language, such as Swedish.

CPCE offers these courses throughout the semester. For more information, contact CASAS at (434) 592-4110 for resident students, (800) 424-9595 for online students, or email CPCE at


  • Hi! i tried calling the number you posted for CPCE but reached a fax tone. Would you happen to have another number that works? The language program sounds wonderful and I am interested in checking it out. :o)

  • You’re right, sorry about that. (434) 592-4110 is the correct number for resident students, (800) 424-9595 online. I’ll go fix it in the story.

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