Gabe and Gula

Gabe: Pro

Forget the overcrowded hallways, the brace-faced freshmen and that your once orderly schedule will be broken into pieces for the majority of four days.

CFAW is about much more than potentially annoying upperclassmen. Ironically, 74 percent of those college students now complaining about the packed campus were, in fact, CFAWers themselves.

During CFAW, prospective students can visit, get the lay of the land and learn more about the campus in general. Liberty is not the only campus that allows students to visit, as well as spend the night, so you are not alone. CFAW is a good thing.

The reason for allowing potential students to roam the campus holding confusing maps is to persuade them to attend Liberty University. How else will the college grow? How else will the dream of Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. to teach young champions for Christ continue?

It is important for upperclassmen to show young students the way around Liberty. What better way to continue the positive reputation of this campus than to be a friend to those making one of the most important decisions of their life?

Embrace the experience. You could learn something.

Gabe Fowler

Gula: Con

CFAW — the worst two weekends of a resident student’s semester.

They take over our rooms. They take our parking spots. They take over the Rot.

When will the madness end?

Probably never, because CFAW remains one of the easiest ways to attract prospective students to Liberty’s campus. Even still, the majority of students — myself included — would argue that there has to be a way to achieve that goal without inconveniencing the thousands of us who already live here.

If Liberty wants to keep the horrendous overpopulation of last spring’s CFAWs from reoccurring — and better the student’s view of the event in the process — they should put more thought into their Overnight Visit idea, where volunteer students host a visiting high school senior or transfer student for a single weeknight.

And it wouldn’t hurt to put a cap on the number of prospects that flood the campus for the regular CFAW.

With CFAW, “the more the merrier” could not be more wrong.

Andrew Gula

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