Book release a hit with students

Honestly — Campus pastor Johnnie Moore took time to meet students at his pre-release book party and sign copies of his first book. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

The Liberty University bookstore was flooded with eager readers Sunday night, Aug. 28, lining up to buy an early copy of the first book written by campus pastor Johnnie Moore.

The bookstore sponsored a “Pre-release” party for Moore, promoting the book and giving students the opportunity to purchase it four days before its nationwide release.

“I actually left church early so I could get here. I’m super excited for the book,” sophomore Cody Snapp said. “I’ve been following it on Twitter, every update.”

Over 100 students stood in line and patiently waited for Moore to autograph their copy of “Honestly.” Students also received the chance to socialize with the Campus Praise Band and several campus pastors, as well as enjoying music by Justin Kintzel, door prizes and munching on chicken wraps and Domino’s pizza.

“The book sounds really cool,” sophomore Sarah Parker said. “It’s interesting to see from someone else’s perspective what it really means to live honestly…and just to see what he as a campus pastor here at Liberty has to say about it.”

Halfway through the evening, Moore got up to talk to the crowd and was cheered on by all of his supporters. He read excerpts from the book and explained his reasoning behind it, as well as his vision for the book now.

“I would say this book answers the questions you have that you don’t know how to ask,” Moore said. “The tone of the book is the title. It’s honest. It’s an honest, authentic look at Christianity — the good and the bad, particularly with hypocrisy.”

Moore talked about one of the goals he has for anyone who reads “Honestly,” which also happens to be the subtitle of the book, “Really living what we say we believe.”

The book began its production almost two years ago, taking eight months to write, before being turned over to the publisher.

“The chapters are short, for people who aren’t big readers,” campus pastor Chris Deitsch said. “That’s nice because you can sit down and get through a whole chapter real quick but be truly challenged.”

“Honestly” challenges Christians not to live in a state of hypocrisy, and to recognize that if they are, then it is probably because of one of five reasons, which are the five major sections of his book — doubt, spiritual health, perseverance, missions and vision.

“Well, it’s kind of my life in the making. It’s a very personal book,” Moore said. “The stuff I share in the book I didn’t really share before writing this book. There was a healing experience for me in writing it.”

“Johnnie Moore’s unique approach to Christian culture is kind of refreshing,” Jose Pichardo said. “You aren’t just getting what is expected, but what is needed.”

Moore is currently working on his second book, which is due out sometime next year.

“Honestly” was released nationwide on Sept. 1 and autographed copies are now available at the Liberty University Bookstore. 

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  • A well-written, engaging article encouraging readers to get a hold of this book. Thank you for featuring it in this edition 🙂

  • I had heard some snippets about the book, but didn’t have a lot of detail on his focus and theme. Thanks for whetting my appetite to go out and purchase it!

  • I recently read Honestly and, unlike many other “Christian” books, which I had found hard to stomach because they didn’t challenge or give good enough answers, Johnnie Moore offered challenges and a blatent honesty that disturbed me in the good sense of the word. I would recommend this book, especially if you have problems with the church and with the way Christianity is “done” today. Here’s a link:

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