Center4ME offers in-depth look at black history

Deliberative dialogue — Center4ME’s black history month celebration features prominent speakers, in-depth lectures and interactive events. Photo credit: Eli Overbey

In celebration of Black History Month, the Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME) has arranged 14 events to honor the African-Americans who not only dreamed for their freedom, but fought for justice and made a significant impact on the nation.

“It’s important because it’s American History,” director of Center4ME Melany Pearl said.
In a kick-off celebration, the Center4ME will be hosting music and games Tuesday, Feb. 1 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the DeMoss Hall courtyard, as well as offering free hot chocolate and popcorn.

The month-long festivities will include events such as Black Student Initiative meetings, a series of fun deliberative dialogue where students will be able to express themselves by spoken word, poetry, choreography and a “Journey to the Throne Room,” a time of worship featuring local gospel talent.

Among the various events will be two keynote speakers, Liberty alumna and author Merisa Davis and historian Benjamin Ross.

Davis, author of “Bill Cosby IS Right: But What Should the Church Be Doing About It?,” will be leading the most serious deliberative dialogue session, “The State of the Black Family and Church” Tuesday, Feb. 8. Davis is a Liberty alumna and has her master’s degree in Theological Studies. She is also cousin to comedic entertainer, Bill Cosby.

Ross will be sharing about the life of a 19th century African-American preacher from Virginia, on Thursday, Feb. 17. This particular event will bring the story of Rev. John Jasper to life and is being co-hosted by the National Civil War Chaplains Museum.

“African-Americans are a big part of this country’s history, and a lot of the contributions that they have made aren’t necessarily in every history book and isn’t common knowledge,” Pearl said. “There are so many more (people) like the Reverend John Jasper that should be celebrated.”

The Center4ME will be ending its Black History Month festivities Friday, Feb. 25 with a showing of the film, “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Both students and the public are invited to participate in all events for free.

The Center4ME also celebrates other ethnicities throughout the year such as Hispanic Heritage Month and Irish-American Heritage Month.

According to Pearl, the Center4Me is an organization dedicated to unifying the different cultural and ethnic populations on Liberty’s campus.

“Our programs are all about education on multiculturalism,” she said.

For a complete schedule of events please contact the Center4ME at 434-592-4020 or e-mail or visit

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