New faces and new talent for ministry teams

Ministry teams hold auditions

If you feel you can show Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood what a real American Idol is, then the Deaprtment of Ministry Teams (DMT) is looking for you.

Liberty’s nine worship ministry groups form the DMT. Each team has a distinct identity and purpose and many are well known on campus and around the nation.

The DMT will be hosting upcoming auditions for fall ministry team positions.

Sign-ups for auditions will be held in David’s Place, Friday, Jan. 28. Students will sign up for a specific time slot in which they will choose to audition for vocal, instrumental or technical positions.

Instrumental and vocal auditions will be held on Monday, Jan. 31 and Tuesday, Feb. 1, respectively. Auditions for sound technician positions and Youth Quest will be held during both days.

Youth Quest auditions will be held in the School of Religion. Youth Quest offers opportunities in media, drama and discipleship.

Students may audition for multiple positions, but will need to sign up for the equivalent number of audition spots.

According to the DMT website, there are a few things students should know to prepare for an audition. Vocalists will need to already have prepared one song to sing a cappella. Instrumentalist will perform with a house band for this process, but do not need a prepared selection.

Students auditioning for a technical position are asked to bring a resume of prior experience. Media technicians should bring a portfolio highlighting works. Drama will require a one – minute monologue, while discipleship will require the student to teach an impromptu lesson.

Students are asked to check in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled audition.

Students will receive a response via e-mail within one week of auditioning. At this point a student may be requested for a call back audition.

The DMT is looking for students with not only talent, but character.

“It’s your talent that attracts us to you, but it’s your character that keeps you there” Director of Ministry Team Advancement Hanna Bruce said.

Bruce also served as a member of Sounds of Liberty from 2004 to 2007.

“Liberty changed my life,” Bruce said. “I was a Christian before, but I am a better Christian for going to Liberty.”

A few other well-known and recognized ministry teams include Exodus, Crimson Flood and Light. Some newer additions to the department include Soar Dunk and Seventy-One.

Soar Dunk displays skills and talents beyond musical ability. This basketball team has used its talents to impress crowds, opening doors for ministry in schools and inner-city communities. The newest addition, Seventy-One, is a contemporary worship band named after the year Liberty University was founded. According to the department, this team was added due to a high volume of request made for many of the other worship bands.

The addition of these teams has expanded the opportunity for ministry, providing a greater variety of ways to use their talents, according to vocalist and electric guitar player for Awaken Ashley LeClair.

Many teams travel from as little as one weekend a month to almost every weekend throughout the year. Also, scholarships may be available depending on the particular team and commitment.

“I’ve seen people go through the audition process, making a team, who turn around several years later with a depth and variety of experiences and a talent that they would not have been otherwise afforded had they not had the opportunity to join one of Liberty’s ministry teams,” junior Kimberlyn Thompson said.

Ministry team members are given the chance to impact lives while also growing and developing as individuals and team members.

“The unity that we have developed off the platform has expounded our ministry on the platform,” LeClair said.

Awaken, the only all-girl band in the DMT, is made up of seven members. Since fall 2009, Awaken has existed to meet the needs of teen girls through worship and teaching.

“The biggest thing is to go into the room with confidence in what the Lord has gifted you in,” LeClair said.

The DMT is excited for the upcoming auditions, according to Bruce.

“It’s always great to see new team members, because it just brings new life into the ministry.” Bruce said.

Final cuts will be announced on March 31, 2011.

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