Internship Workshops

Junior and senior students seeking internships came together, Thursday, Sept. 29, for Liberty University’s Internship Workshop. The required workshop, which took place in DeMoss Hall room 1105, introduced students to the steps, paperwork and skills they will need in order to obtain an internship.

“Internships are a feeder program into the job application process,” instructor Mike Skillman said to the group. He then urged students to become proactive in their search for an internship.

The paperwork for internship registration was given out in the workshop but can also be accessed online. Internship Registration forms, student agreement forms and the internship handbook can be found through the Career Center on Liberty’s website. Skillman suggests candidates start thinking about internships and begin networking early.

“What students may not realize is, if they don’t start the process early, how bogged it can get toward the end,” Skillman said.

The internship workshop will run every Monday at 4 p.m. and Thursday at 5 p.m. until Nov. 22 in DeMoss Hall, room 1105. This semester’s workshop is specifically provided for those interning in the spring semester. Those wanting to begin an internship during the summer of 2011 should plan to attend the spring internship workshop.

For more information about the internship workshop or any of the Career Center’s resources, visit and search Career Center or visit them on the first floor of DeMoss Hall.

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