Different Strokes — Sarah McCorkle and company beat out Gardner-Webb for first place is the 200-yard free relay Saturday.

The overwhelming excitement of the final home swim meet this weekend was a special treat for CFAWers. Fans were on the edge of their seats cheering for the Lady Flames as they competed against Gardner-Webb and VMI.

There were some close calls, but Liberty prevailed over VMI, but were unable to secure a win against Gardner-Webb.

“We’ve definitely improved not only with our times, but with our disciplines,” coach Jake Shellenberger said.

The team was prepared and trained hard.

“We didn’t win, but we were expecting (that),” freshman Sarah McCorkle said. “(Gardner-Webb is) third in our conference, but we think we can get top stakes at least or better than that.”

Many of the swimmers found this meet to be physically difficult because of their demanding schedule.

“It was a struggle to come in here and be up because we’ve been training so hard,” freshman Bryeanna Ravettine said.

The team performed well as a whole, but there were particular athletes that performed extremely well.

“I surprised myself in my first race I wanted to go that fast, but didn’t know how well I would do,” Ravettine said. “I prepared myself for it and it was a good surprise.”

As one of the newest additions to numerous Division I sports Liberty offers, the Lady Flames are still training hard to make their weaknesses stronger and build on their strengths.

“They’re a great group of girls personally, professionally, academically and spiritually, they’re just good everywhere,” Shellenberger said.

One of the most intense and memorable races of the afternoon was the 200-yard freestyle relay. McCorkle swam last and was a key aspect in making the win happen for the Lady Flames. “(Sarah) McCorkle anchored our 200-yard free relay and had to out touch the Gardner-Webb who was coming on pretty strong at the end,” Shellenberger said.

Although the Lady Flames were unable to claim an overall victory judging from their attitudes one may have assumed otherwise. The Flames continued to display a winning attitude before and after the meet.

“We came away from the meet 1-1,” Shellenberger said. “We kind of figured it was going to go that way.”

Swimming may seem like more of an individual sport, but the Lady Flames depend on one another for encouragement and support.

“We’ve got a great team dynamic,” Shellenberger said. “Everyone here is pretty excited to be apart of this program in its first year. They’re a part of history, and I think they know that, and they’re excited for it.”

The women’s swim team will compete in the Radford Invitational Nov. 18.

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