CWA formal honors American servicemen and women

At the kick-off event for Military Emphasis Week, current and former servicemen and women were honored for the sacrifices they have made. On Friday, November 5, the Liberty chapter of Concerned Women for America (CWA) hosted a Military Appreciation Formal Dessert Banquet. The event was held in the club level located in the new Williams Stadium.

CWA is the nation’s largest public policy organization according to Amanda Haas, the chapter’s president.

“Its purpose is to instill God’s principles into society and public policy,” Haas said. “There are six core issues that we focus on which include the family, the sanctity of human life, religious liberty, education, pornography and national sovereignty.”

According to Haas, the goal of Liberty’s chapter of CWA is to help further this purpose by bringing conservative, young college-educated women together not only to pray for America to return to its founding principles but to take action.

In brainstorming ideas of what type of event to put on, the first idea that came about was to have a Masquerade ball. It was not until one CWA leadership meeting that the idea of a formal banquet was brought up.

“We were brainstorming for the ball and then it hit us that we could do a Military Ball and honor our troops,” Haas said. “What a great opportunity. And, we would make it a formal — which is something that every girl at Liberty loves.”

Attendees of the event listened to a jazz band, socialized, were served various types of desserts and listened to testimonies from Dr. Stephen Parke, associate dean of the Helms School of Government, Larry Provost, director of commuter affairs, veterans, “army brats,” current servicemen and the Virginia Director of CWA Janet Robey. The Liberty Hip-Hop team also performed.

A common topic of each speech was the people behind the soldiers, specifically the women. This topic was included in Serviceman Luke Flowers’ speech.

Flowers talked about his walk with God and his military experience. To him however — those two are not much different.

“I was asked to come speak here tonight about my military experience,” Flowers said, “I must emphatically note that my military experience is my Christian experience.”

Flowers concluded his speech by thanking the woman that he said has stood beside him, his wife Brandy. He also ended on a comical note, announcing the current effort to find Cadet Jeremy Snyder a wife.

At the conclusion of the banquet, all of the veterans and current servicemen and women were asked to stand and received a public thank you. Students were also asked to sign a special plaque that will be placed in the ROTC department or the Military Affairs Office.

“We put together a tribute from Liberty students,” Haas said. “We wrote it, basically saying that Liberty students are going to continue to support and honor the military.”

Proceeds from the event went to benefit Students Behind Our Soldiers — specifically to help make care packages to send to troops.

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