Music Department honors Randlett

Before the music began there was a quiet moment in loving memory of the late Dr. David Randlett, who left a lasting impact on the music department at Liberty University.

The moment was a chance for the department to pay tribute to a man who “lived a wonderful and rich life and was full of joy,” according to the chairman of the Department of Music and Humanities at Liberty University Dr. John Hugo.

The Faculty Festival is a yearly fall occurrence and acts as a kick-off for the year. This year’s festival was held on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts building.  It was an opportunity for faculty to get together and present their music to students before the school year gets too hectic.

The festival was also a real learning experience for the students outside of the classroom.

“They get to see their faculty in action and that they can actually do the things they are teaching,” Hugo said.

The evening ended as it began, with thoughts of the late Randlett being discussed in the hallway as people excited the concert room.

“We’ll miss his smile and his wonderfully encouraging attitude. He was so supportive of everything we were doing,” Hugo said. Hugo said that Randlett was like a father figure to the faculty in the department, and that he was a great influence in their lives.

“He lived a wonderful and rich life, and was full of joy,” Hugo said.

KOPPENHAVER is a news writer.

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