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MANY MEDIUMS, MANY MESSAGES — The annual Student Activities Art Expo allows students of all majors to submit their artwork to be judged by fellow students for various prizes. Pieces were divided into fine art, photography, digital art and mixed media categories.

Students voted for their favorite art pieces at Student Activities’ annual Art Expo Oct. 22. The event took place in the Schilling Center, and allowed students to partake in a night made especially for them to display their art.

“I think it is amazing to be able to contribute every little art piece to the one big art community that Liberty is,” junior Franco Santos said.

The art was separated into four different categories based upon medium, including fine art (pencils, paint and pastels), mixed media, photography and digital art (graphic design and digital illustrations). The decision for best pieces was made by attendees and a winner for each category was picked at the end of the night, along with three overall winners.

First place for overall winner, with a $75 prize, was won by Anna Melillo. Second place went to Barney Davis with $50 and third place was Alyssa Boggess with $25. The winners of the individual categories received gift cards Sheetz.

Following art gallery fashion etiquette, attendees dressed to impress, including the Student Activities workers that helped run the Art Expo. A table with hors d’oeuvres was set up for guests, along with hot chocolate. Craft tables were also set up to give the opportunity for people to paint throughout the night their own pieces of art.

A lounge area was arranged for people to relax and talk with soft music in the background as the night went on. The couch area and different sections where the art was displayed buzzed with the likes and critiques of people.

“It’s really cool, there’s a lot of fine talent that we have (at Liberty),” sophomore Jeffrey Sawyer said. “Even though I’m a music person I can appreciate art and the design aspect of art.”

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